General Facebook Page information like the number of likes in general etc, could already be displayed in real-time on your PowerPoint slides. Now we have added a new feature, a new data provider to DataPoint. You can now show Facebook Posts in real-time with our new Facebook Posts data provider.

People are maintaining their Facebook page with news, announcements, promotions, etc. With this new option, they can show Facebook posts on digital signage screens in their shops too. Just connect DataPoint to your Facebook page and starting displaying all your posts.

Install DataPoint as PowerPoint plugin. A new item called DataPoint is added to the PowerPoint ribbon. Click to open it and then click the List button of the Connections group.

Then select the Facebook Posts node and click the Add query button.

This will open a form. First, you can select the page that you want to show. Click to open the combo box and select a page from the list of pages that you can manage or are the owner of.

Then specify how many days you want to go back. With 30 days back, you will see the Facebook posts that you posted for the last 30 days on this Facebook page.

When you return now, you will see a preview of all the posts that were retrieved from your Facebook wall. 

Select or insert a new text box on your slide and select it. Then click DataPoint and then the Text box button. This will open the form below.

Set the connection to the Facebook Post’s connection and select what column to display in this text box.

This step can be repeated for every text element that you want to show on your slide. For example the number of likes as well.

Next to texts, you can also display images or the image associated with this Facebook post. To start, insert first a normal picture (any dummy picture) on your slide. Select this image and click the Picture button. Then link to your Facebook connection and set the column to the FullPicture column. Hit OK to close.

Now you can enhance the design of your slide and optionally activate data scrolling to show all posts automatically every x seconds.

Run the slideshow or use our iPoint software solution to schedule and distribute this presentation on multiple television screens in your company, shops, factories or offices.

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