We are proud to announce that we have completed a new development. Some revolutionary development in the digital signage world.

We can announce that we now have a SignageTube player app for smart TVs. SignageTube is our digital signage in the cloud solution where you use a web browser on a computer or mobile device to upload, schedule and monitor your digital signage screens.

Normally you need a computer or computing device to install the software on, to drive your screens. This is typically a normal computer or a small computing device.

Smart TVs are running on the Android platform and we have developed an Android app that can be installed directly on your smart TV, next to your e.g. YouTube and Netflix application. That is a serious step forward for our SignageTube platform.

Now you can create your digital signage slides in Microsoft PowerPoint and send it via our SignageTube cloud directly to your connected smart TVs.

The benefits for you are:

No Computer Needed

Normally you need to buy and configure a computer that you connect via VGA or HDMI to the television screen. On that computer, you normally install the digital signage player app to control what is shown on your television.

With this recent evolution now, you don’t need to buy and configure and attached a computer to your screen. We are installing the SignageTube player app directly on the on board computer or device of your smart TV. Compare it to the installation or availability of a YouTube or Netflix app that you already have on your smart TV.

So the direct benefit for you is that you don’t have to buy a dedicated computer. So money saved.

No Operating System License

OK. So you don’t need a computer. The Side effect of this is again a cost-saver. You don’t have to buy an operating system license like Windows Home. This normally costs around US$139. This amount you save!

No Cables

Not a real cost-saver with this, but when you don’t need a VGA or HDMI cable, and no power cable for the computer itself. Not for the cost, but for the ease. You don’t need to attach the cables to the television, no need to hide the cables behind the television or on the roof. Easy. No cables at all.

Less Risk for Theft

When you have a television and a computer attached to it in a public room, then you always have the risk of vandalism or theft of your equipment. Without the computer here, you lower the value of your equipment.

So how you get your digital signage presentations on your smart TV? Follow these simple steps.

1. Design your Presentation

Use a normal PowerPoint presentation for your digital signage screens. Add slides, add texts, add pictures, use some animations and transitions. Ready. Nothing new to learn.

If you don’t have design inspiration then first have a look at our SignageTube digital signage template library.

2. Upload to SignageTube

Use a browser, log on to your SignageTube account and upload your presentations and videos. Schedule it for playback.

3. Install SignageTube App

On a smart TV, install the SignageTube player app. You will get your connection ID on the smart TV. Add this connection ID to your account and everything starts to come to life.

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