Digital Signage at Churches

Digital Signage at Churches with PresentationPointAfter researching several products from larger more technical to smaller solutions, we settled on DataPoint by PresentationPoint.

We needed a solution for our new facility that would accommodate a flexible display and presentation for the assembly screens throughout the building. We needed to be able to properly display the service announcements, songs and sermons in a manner that would allow dynamic data to be displayed. We required the software to be able to display members who would be participating in parts of the service in conjunction with the schedule for the year.

As a result, a database structure using Excel allowed DataPoint to dynamically pull the data into PowerPoint where the information is presented during services. DataPoint allows our non-technical users who are already familiar with Microsoft to use Excel and PowerPoint to quick enter data such as songs or participants for service. Then with a simple refresh of PowerPoint the data is updated and ready to be displayed. The switch to DataPoint has saved our members significant amounts of time and allows our presentations to quickly be updated if changes happen just before or during services.

How it was before

Prior to DataPoint, members of the congregation were manually updating the PowerPoint slides each night before services in order to use the correct data. This resulted in an inefficient process as each slide had to be touched and updated, in some cases the same data was presented on multiple slides.

Waynesville Church of Christ

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