Presentation of data is key to the success of an organization. It helps to communicate with stakeholders regarding product development, sales and other crucial information regarding the company.

PresentationPoint is a leading developer of PowerPoint add-ins that has revolutionized the presentation of data. Initially, the company was meant to provide consultancy and develop products for the aviation industry. Later, the company started developing products that cut across all industries. The company prides itself with building DataPoint; a PowerPoint add-in that reads data from databases, Excels and creates top-notch presentation PowerPoint.

The company is thrilled to introduce DataPoint Industrial Edition & OPC; a tool meant for the manufacturing sector. The DataPoint Industrial Edition is developed in such a way that it can read data from Ole for Process Control (OPC); a software standard that helps Windows programs to communicate with Industrial hardware devices.

The initial version of DataPoint add-on for PowerPoint enabled clients to connect to some 25 data providers like weather, news, databases etc for showing real-time data on television screens. The add-on can read data from Microsoft Excel or Access and generate a PowerPoint presentation, it can also present a company’s price list or stock information or welcome visitors at the reception. This product has been embraced by many clients and it has become an instant success.

Through extensive research, has come up with DataPoint Industrial Edition & OPC. This product is meant to facilitate presentation of data from industrial sources.

Benefits of DataPoint Industrial Edition & OPC

Data aggregation – this product has the capability of aggregating data from OPC on top of other 25 data providers.

Cost saving – OPC facilitates reading of data from different industrial hardware devices. Converting OPC data for presentation is a difficult task as a majority of these data is in different languages. DataPoint Industrial Edition & OPC facilitates this process by automating the whole process.

Infographics – presenting data inform of spreadsheets or access is boring. The DataPoint Industrial Edition & OPC extracts the boring data and presents them in form of infographics that are appealing to the eyes.

Real-time reporting – With proper configuration, DataPoint reads data directly from the source and reports directly to the notice board. This makes it easy to report real-time information with little effort.

DataPoint runs on the latest Microsoft PowerPoint Windows versions which include 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365.

PresentationPoint is committed to producing quality products that are aimed at facilitating daily activities across all industries. Our mission to create the most user-friendly software for digital signage is still core to our hearts.

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