You are already aware of the fact that Microsoft Office is a very powerful tool and a lot of things can be easily done using the Office software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc. most of these products have been designed to make your working life easier and more productive. But with the help of automation solutions integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint, things can become easier and fruitful for you.

Microsoft products can be further utilized and enhanced through an automation process, also known as extensibility. Extensibility or automation means making software or an app do out of the box stuff, which is normally not done while working with them.

To make things simpler for you, we can look into an example. To start with, we will consider that someone has bought a new smartphone. Now that smartphone comes with multiple built-in features and pre-installed apps. But to make the phone more noteworthy for your needs, you need to install apps that will help you out with your work which means you need to customize or personalize the new phone to make it eligible for the purpose you have bought it for.

The same can be done in the Microsoft Office apps, including PowerPoint, by downloading and installing add-ins. Otherwise, you can also do the same by unlocking the macro-enabled files which possess the new features and directly embedding them into the Microsoft Office software of your choice, including Microsoft PowerPoint. But you also need to know that if you are working in a corporate environment, the IT policies restrict usage of these kinds of files, therefore it is better to use software that can help you do all this work and more.

Why do you need to use Automation in PowerPoint?

Suppose that you are facing a situation where you have to continuously submit the same presentation over and over again after updating the data according to the current format and statistics. And this process can continue month after month without holding back. The situation can also be a bit different for you where you will have to make the necessary changes that will be apt for the target audience, their market standards, business line, industry and product. Although the tools are available to make those necessary changes, the entire situation is as simple as it seems on paper.

Now manually updating all those slides every day can be a tedious task. Moreover, the process itself is very slow and time-consuming at the same time. The whole presentation remains the same, but the data and information change and keep on updating. That is the reason why you need an automation software which can do all that work without any errors. To evaluate the available options, you need to consider a few things. Let us discuss a few of them below:

automate slide creation and automation powerpoint


Cost-effectiveness is an important part when it comes to selecting automation software in PowerPoint. First, you need to look for a free product that can offer you the services you are looking for, and if there isn’t any free product available that can do all the project work, then you can directly buy a viable product for your work.

Easy to Handle

The efficiency of the software is also an important factor when it comes to handling the data. How error-proof your data can be while presenting them in front of your audience is the most important factor for them.

Target Audience and their Expectations

The best part of using automation software is that there are multiple ways you can display the data and reports to your target audience. Be it interactive reports or descriptive data and statistics; you can customize these reports in accordance with your target audience.

The Efficiency of the Automation Software

Some software can be easily automated, and your reports will be presentable automatically or in no time. Others can take a bit of your time to be fully updated, but it does not take more than two minutes.

Apart from this, you can choose two different solutions available. First is the data plug option, which will allow you to link your tables with multiple data sources, and whenever you open the PowerPoint, the data will be automatically updated (this can also be done with a single software where you will find multiple data sources placed at a single point). There are also web-based solutions through which you can update your data, and there are more powerful solutions that can help you excel in your work.

You can opt for the solution which will suit you the best and be more creative with your option while preparing for and presenting the data and reports you have prepared for your audience. Stop using Microsoft PowerPoint traditionally and be more creative with your choices.

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