In this real-life case study, we explore how Hewlett Packard Enterprise uses our DataPoint software for report generating using PowerPoint.

The Report Generating Problem

Here is a quote from Nicole Mitchell, Customer Experience with Hewlett Packard Enterprise as to the problem they were having with report generating.

Unfortunately, we are a PowerPoint driven company, so in cases like this where a Word document with merge capabilities would be much easier to produce, visually and culturally, we do not have the ability to use Word for a report. PowerPoint is both our presentation tool as well as our reporting tool.

The Report Generating Solution

Here is Nicole describing how she uses DataPoint for reporting generating in PowerPoint.

I use DataPoint on a monthly basis to assist in the creation of a report that we publish to our internal stakeholders. The design of the presentation remains the same each month, however, the data needs updating each month.

Each month, I update an excel spreadsheet and then I am able to just hit refresh in PowerPoint and my new, updated monthly report will be snapshotted for me and I can share the report with confidence that there are no errors in the data where we were experiencing a lot of human error before the use of DataPoint. Because the slide visualizes a lot of the data we are trying to share, DataPoint helps me populate that data from a spreadsheet seamlessly and easily each month when the data needs to be refreshed. Charts are also updated via the same spreadsheet so all of the content is linked from one spreadsheet to one PowerPoint with DataPoint serving as our tool to update all non-charted data in the report.

DataPoint Feedback

Here is feedback from Nicole on how DataPoint solved their report generating problem.

I have really loved learning the tool and I do appreciate that it exists because it has made my team able to develop more reliable data for our executives and saves so much time and manual labor in PowerPoint each month generating a single report.

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