Digital Signage Uses

Digital signage has tons of different uses. Almost everywhere you look now you’re seeing new monitors popping up that have digital signage on them. Here are a few common uses

  1. Advertising: Advertising is a common digital signage opportunity. You see digital signage advertising on giant billboards like those in Times Square. You see them in retail and shop windows. Digital signage advertising opportunities are already all around you.
  2. Wayfinding; Wayfinding is directing people to where they want to. A common use would be in a busy hospital or an airport.
  3. Menu Boards: Restaurants, coffee shops, and fast food places are changing quickly from old-style menu boards that are hard to change and update to new digital menu boards which can be ever changing and create movement and color. Menu boards can be easily controlled from a central location.
  4. Equipment Monitoring Dashboards: Equipment monitoring digital signage is used to create equipment monitoring dashboards to monitor your equipment. These dashboards connect to the equipment data showing what’s happening with all the equipment in real time.
  5. Conference and Training Rooms: Most training and conference rooms now have monitors or TVs for web conferencing or presentations. These screens can also be used for digital signage or even to show times the meeting room is available or whose turn it is so speak

These are just a few of the places where you might see opportunities.  Keep your eyes open and look at every existing digital sign you see as an opportunity. When you see those big digital signs find out who owns that sign and connect with them. You can also look around at static signs and look and suggest to the shop owner that they consider going to digital signage.

A Few Industry Digital Signage Opportunities

In addition to the opportunities above, here are some industries that have excellent digital signage opportunities.

  1. Retail: The retail industry has huge amounts of opportunities. Shopping malls, retail stores, even smaller stores can all use digital signage for advertising.
  2. Banks & Financial Companies: Almost every bank I go into now has digital signage in their waiting area and lobby.
  3. Coffee Shops & Restaurants: A great opportunity to show digital menu boards, advertising, and upcoming events.
  4. Health Clinics and Hospitals: Medical facilities have waiting rooms where digital signage can be used to inform them, manage patient queues, etc.
  5. Government Offices: Digital signage in government offices can be used for wayfinding, queue management, and providing information to clients.
  6. Event Centers: Event centers can use digital signage to promote upcoming events, direct people to the proper event room or venue, show ticket status and to manage queues.
  7. Museums & Art Galleries: Digital signage works great in museums and art galleries to talk about exhibits and to highlight any programs happening that day.
  8. Factories & Manufacturing: Digital signage can be used for equipment monitoring, safety information and KPI dashboards.
  9. Government Procurement Websites: Look for government procurement websites and monitor them for related digital signage opportunities. We recently came across an opportunity for district courthouses that we’re looking for digital signage options for their entire district.

Approach Thoughts

We will be providing more videos on how to approach these opportunities, but here are a few basic ideas. 

  1. Monthly Payment: Ask if they are paying monthly for their digital signage. Since our software is a one-time payment, you can use this as an advantage for people not wanting to be on the hook for monthly payments that never end
  2. What about Hardware? Some people might be looking for an all-in-one solution, where they want the software, hardware, and installation. In this case, consider PresentationPoint to be your software partner. We can be your partner as far as the software goes (iPoint and DataPoint work fantastic for this as well as other solutions like CounterPoint) and you can look for local partnerships for hardware and installation. This would include hardware like monitors and TVs and stick pcs and of course the installation of them. This way you can be an all-in-one stop that your clients are going to want to come to to get all this handled.
  3. Proposals & Pricing: If you need help with pricing and proposals for your clients, we are happy to help you.

For more help with these opportunites,  join our affiliate program and log into our affiliate resource area.


How do you find digital signage opportunities? Opportunities to sell your digital signage solutions. We put this video together for our If you’re not yet an affiliate of ours you can apply to our affiliate program here.

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