With the next release of DataPoint, PresentationPoint adds 6 more data providers to the list. A data provider is a connectivity layer in DataPoint to link your PowerPoint shapes to data sources like databases, XML, Excel and other files.

Earlier this year, we added JSON and oData providers. So with this new release, we have added 8 new data providers this year.

6 new data providers for powerpoint/datapoint

1. Facebook Page

Look for a given Facebook page and display a real-time information on your slide. This info includes number of likes, checkins, been heres, as well as the description of the page or company, address information, etc.

2. News (RSS)

RSS feeds were already supported but, here we go a step further.  We will download the featured images locally for faster performance. You can now skip the news articles without an image.

3. Weather

Previously, this was supported via XML and JSON providers but now, here it is as a direct weather provider for PowerPoint.  All you have to do is to enter your nearby city/state or country and this weather provider does the rest. Current weather condition, minimum and maximum temperatures, forecasts for the next days and weather icons included as well.

4. Google Calendar

Connect to your Google Calendar and display your appointments and events in real-time on your information screen via a PowerPoint slide show.

5. Google Sheets

Connect your charts and tables to online cloud data of Google Sheets. Use a browser or smartphone to update the data of your spreadsheet and have it displayed in real-time on your monitor or television screens.

6. Microsoft SharePoint

The final data provider is a connectivity layer to your SharePoint server where on your screen, you can display the content of SharePoint lists in real-time.

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