Recently there was an interesting question about PowerPoint add-ins on Quora:

What are the best PowerPoint add-ins to improve team and individual productivity?

Geetesh answers this question and names DataPoint in his list of best PowerPoint add-ins to improve team and individual productivity.

Geetesh Bajaj

PowerPoint Most Valuable Professional, Indezine

Who is Geetesh?

Geetesh Bajaj is an awarded Microsoft PowerPoint MVP for over 16 years now, and has been designing and training with PowerPoint for more than 20 years. He heads Indezine, a presentation design studio and content development organization based out of Hyderabad, India.

Geetesh believes that any PowerPoint presentation is a sum of its elements–these elements include abstract elements like story, consistency, and interactivity — and also slide elements like shapes, graphics, charts, text, sound, video, and animation. He explains how these elements work together in his training sessions. He has also authored six books on PowerPoint and Microsoft Office.

His site attracts millions of page views each month. Also, Geetesh also issues a twice-weekly PowerPoint newsletter on that has over 100,000 subscribers.

Geetesh is an acknowledged PowerPoint Guru and is an expert on PowerPoint add-ins.

What is a PowerPoint MVP?

There are worldwide only 35 PowerPoint MVPs or Most Valuable Professionals appointed by Microsoft. Most Valuable Professionals are recognized by Microsoft for their willingness to share their knowledge on a peer-to-peer basis. This generosity is most generally offered within various online communities.

See a full list of PowerPoint MVPs.

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Note from PresentationPoint:

Geetesh places DataPoint next to another great PowerPoint Mail Merging tool. We all know that DataPoint goes much further like e.g. mail merging capabilities for charts as well.

DataPoint has more data providers like news, weather, databases etc; 24 data providers to choose from.

And – this a very unique feature – DataPoint can display real-time data on your running slide show, which is great for communication, information and welcome screens and screens with KPIs in factories.

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