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Crowdbeamer is the first presentation system that streams any screen content wirelessly to all smartphones, tablets, and laptops in a live audience. That comes in very handy during any presentation, especially if you’re using DataPoint to create real-time data connections that automatically update your PowerPoint presentation.

Crowdbeamer instantly puts an up-to-date presentation of your graphs and charts straight into the hands of your audience, without sharing any of the underlying data. Everybody can capture what they see, complete it with notes and share with others. There’s no need for you to spend any time beforehand or afterward to upload or email an outdated PDF of your presentation.

Sharing directly with your audience

Using crowdbeamer does not require any effort whatsoever. All that you need to do is connect your presentation laptop to the HDMI or VGA input of the portable crowdbeamer device. Installing additional software on your laptop is not at all required.

Crowdbeamer’s built-in WiFi then takes care of all the rest, providing everybody in your audience with real-time access to any screen content that you share.      

Sharing in real time, twice over

Powerful visual content is the cornerstone of every good reporting presentation, provided your reports include the latest available data. Presenting a real-time view of your data in a compelling format, that’s precisely what you use DataPoint for. Using crowdbeamer, you can share that view in real time with everybody present. Now that’s what you call “sharing in real time.”

Unsurprisingly, this way of working offers a whole new range of unique possibilities. Let’s take a look at a few.

Polling seminar participants

Think about polling seminar participants, either before or during the seminar. In both cases, you can provide participants with access to a series of polls hosted on your website and accessible only with the proper credentials.

With DataPoint, you can connect to the database underlying your website’s Content Management System. From then on, DataPoint will always display the latest poll results in your PowerPoint presentation – even as votes are still coming in during the seminar.

Thanks to crowdbeamer, these poll results can now also be shared in real time with each seminar participant. What’s more, everybody can take snapshots right away and include them in his or her digital seminar handouts. There’s just no surer way for them to leave the seminar room with an up-to-date copy of all presentations.

Sharing pricing with customers

If you are regularly meeting with customers, either in a showroom or at home, using DataPoint and crowdbeamer will be a tremendous help to you.

To start with, you will no longer need to turn your laptop to show your customers whatever you want to share. Thanks to crowdbeamer, they can view everything comfortably on their tablet or smartphone.

With DataPoint running inside PowerPoint, you’re not stuck with showing boring tables or spreadsheets if you want to share pricing information. You can leave the numbers in the background, and count on DataPoint to present them as attractive infographics, graphs or charts.

Whether you’re selling insurance policies or a home design makeover, DataPoint will automatically keep your commercial presentation up to date whenever any pricing parameters change. Crowdbeamer will deliver it straight into the hands of your customers, safely stored on their personal device of choice. Can you think of any place that’s better?

A crystal clear view for your audience

The free crowdbeamer app on their smartphone, tablet or laptop is all that your audience needs to get a crystal clear view of your DataPpoint presentation. Moreover, they can even use the app to zoom in and get more detail if needed. At the same time, they can capture what they see and complete it with notes to build a library of personalized handouts. Sharing these handouts or exporting them to other apps such as Evernote or OneNote, is a breeze.

If you want to see for yourself how that works, watch the video below.

A unique content sharing solution that won multiple awards

Crowdbeamer is developed by RORYCO, a company founded with the mission to market solutions for all professionals involved in presenting information to a live audience.   Crowdbeamer has won several prestigious awards, including a Best of Show Award by Government Video at NAB Las Vegas (April 7-12, 2018), a Best of Show Award Tech & Learning at InfoComm US (June 6-8, 2018) and the AV Award Distribution Product of the Year (London, September 2018). Winning these prestigious Awards underlines how unique crowdbeamer is in the way it distributes screen content in real time.

More information about crowdbeamer can be found on

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