Can you imagine a pub without a television? Yes, all the pubs have a television to show sports and news etc. But pubs also start using televisions or computer screens to show information about their own pub.

Why not? There is so many things to say on an electronic display:

  • pub opening hoursname and logo of the pub
  • opening hours
  • happy hours
  • beer of the month
  • menu of the day
  • promotion of today
  • price list
  • upcoming holidays
  • and many more

And don’t outsource this personal television content to another company that is selling your promotional stuff like placemats with ads of other companies etc. No! Take this chance to promote your own business, without running irrelevant advertising of others in your pub. That is not why you are investing in this information channel.

A television or computer screen, connected to a computer, and a running PowerPoint slideshow is ideal to create professional screens and presentations. Can you do this yourself, or buy a professional template elsewhere. With  the PowerPoint you add a slide per message or topic. Nice background image, or blurry image of your favorite guests, or maybe your terrace, and then on top of it, your text in a big font size to get attraction. Add some transition between slides and animation between your pictures and texts.

Next week, if you want to update the content, go ahead. Just open the last PowerPoint, make some changes, save and start the slideshow again. PowerPoint is ideal for that, and PowerPoint was invented for presentations.  Not for boring sales presentations! No, presentations to present your pub information.

OK, what do you need for this?

To start, you need a computer. Don’t buy a new one, try to recover and existing one. You don’t know much power for this. Most likely you have a computer somewhere, that you don’t use anymore.

Then you need a television or computer screen. Recent televisions also have a VGA or HDMI port to connect a computer to a TV. Then, when you choose the correct channel on your television, you will see the output of the computer on your television. Let’s move on.

For presentations, you of course use the world’s best known presentation tool; Microsoft PowerPoint. It is obvious that most presentations are made in PowerPoint, with its rich multimedia and nice animations. You can set the presentation as a kiosk presentation, and then it runs forever with your slides and content. Use some great free tools:

  • Auto log on: let’s your computer log on automatically. On a television screen, if you want to see the presentation or slideshow ASAP after start the computer, or after a reboot. You don’t want to see that screen where you have to log on manually. You probably have removed the keyboard already from this computer setup.
  • ShowPoint to launch a presentation or slideshow after logging in. It automatically starts your presentation.

And of course, you will have to create your presentation with your information; your opening hours, your name or brand, your price list, your promotions. In case you are not an expert in PowerPoint design, don’t worry. There are templates for this that you can buy and customize.

And what else?

There are a few interesting PowerPoint add-ons that you can consider to use. Add-ins add more functionality to PowerPoint, which is currently not presentation in PowerPoint. Here are a few interesting add-ons for your slideshow.

  • Dynamic TIME: add clocks or countdowns to your slides.
  • Dynamic NEWS: live news feed with titles and images of your favorite newspaper, and even add local news.
  • Dynamic WEATHER: current weather conditions and forecasts, to let your guests drive home carefully.

Don’t forget to contact us in case you need professional assistance on this.

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