Every year our school has an enrollment lottery. It’s an exciting and emotional event where prospective students come to find out if they will be awarded a seat for our next school year. They watch eagerly for their number to be called, and I wanted our presentation to reflect the dynamic enthusiasm of the day. I had found several plug-ins and code workarounds that promised to pull my Excel data into Microsoft Powerpoint, but they all failed to deliver. Until I found Datapoint.

Datapoint did exactly as it said it would, and we were thrilled with the results! I only had to push the button once, and Datapoint did the rest. Student Lottery Numbers flashed across the screen for over 45 minutes without a single glitch, pause, or hiccup, and the overall excitement of the room grew with each change of the data. I can’t wait to find other ways we can integrate Datapoint into our assemblies and presentations.

Stephanie McMurray
Data Systems Manager
The Palmdale Aerospace Academy
Palmdale, CA, USA

display enrollment lottery at the palmdale aerospace academy

The Palmdale Aerospace Academy

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