Microsoft Office is a very powerful tool that can be even more powerful with PowerPoint automation.

Why do you need to use Automation in PowerPoint?

Let’s face it – we are all far too busy to be spending time copying and pasting numbers, pictures, and other data into our presentations.

Suppose that you are facing a situation where you have to continuously submit the same presentation over and over again after updating the data according to the current format and statistics. And this process can continue month after month without holding back.

You might also have to make customized presentations for different target audiences, their market standards, business lines, industries, and products.

Now manually updating all those slides every day can be a tedious task. Moreover, the process itself is very slow and time-consuming at the same time. The whole presentation remains the same, but the data and information change and keep on updating. That is the reason why you need PowerPoint automation software that can do all that work without any errors. T

How do I get PowerPoint Automation?

For over 22 years, the preeminent PowerPoint automation plugin has been DataPoint. and DataPoint continues to grow and add new features.  DataPoint connects to thousands of data sources and is used by organizations like NASA, NATO, Sony, Boeing, and many others.


powerpoint automation using datapoint

What can PowerPoint Automation Do?

PowerPoint automation using DataPoint can help by connecting your presentation to:

  • computer database sources such as Excel
  • live news and weather
  • Internet data sources such as JSON or XML
  • social media sources like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

DataPoint also lets you:

  • create a single, unified report from multiple data sources
  • generate customized presentations for different target audiences
  • automatically create QR codes for digital signage to connect every smartphone to your product info, coupons, contest, website, or social media

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