If you are white-collar personnel or a firm whose whole work involves dealing with numbers, data (i.e., creating reports and presentations) and dashboard, you know how difficult it is to sort them out and arrange them in one place. But what if you can do much more than that within a significantly less amount of time and that too without putting much effort into making those reports, presentations in the first place.

Yes, all of it is possible if you take into consideration one single software, DataPoint. With this single software, you can create various reports, presentations and dashboards using your own customization. So no more spending hours after hours just to gather enough data so that you can use it for your reports. Moreover, this software keeps your data up to date in real-time, which means you don’t have to go through any additional work just to keep track of your subject matter.

As an example, let us assume that a person works in the logistics department, and their duty is to keep track of all the equipment. So instead of collecting data from several different departments and collecting the data at one place to create an overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) display which is kind of a dashboard, you can just link all the data together in real-time from each department, and the numbers will get updated by themselves with each and every order. And this is just the start of what DataPoint can bring to your work.

There are various advantages if you use DataPoint for your work. Not only will it save enough time for you, but it can also prove to be cost-effective in the long run. Let us discuss the advantages that DataPoint subscription brings along with it:

OEE displays with PowerPoint

Update Your Data Instantaneously

Datapoint can update your data in real-time, and that too without any effort from your side. Sounds superficial right? But that is how DataPoint exactly works. Suppose you have compiled a report or a presentation using the DataPoint software. You may also have a data dashboard that is linked with the same software. This way, whenever you open your data dashboard, report or presentation, the data and numbers will instantly get updated in no time. Your data will be shown exactly as designed, and you can link the software with the perfect source such as weather, news, texts, excel sheets and text documents. Also, there are more than 25 data sources available for your work.

Real-Time Data Update

All the 25 sources have real-time data, and the data update is done automatically after you set up the refresh speed. With DataPoint, you won’t need to wait for the update to happen. Just as easily as you can insert the data and number, the same will happen when you want to update the numbers.

Be in Control of your Content

DataPoint gives you the full authority to control your data. That means you can change or edit the details of your data, reports, presentations and data dashboards however you want to and whenever you want to. You can also freely insert and change styles, images, shapes and looks. Generating screenshots while merging mails also won’t be a problem. You can create multiple presentations, and with DataPoint software, all your work will be very easy. You can also produce presentations with different designs and shapes depending on the region or place of your work.

factory information and KPI on displays

No Errors From Copy and Paste

Sometimes while we are manually updating or inserting the data, we may encounter copy-paste errors. But with DataPoint, you can simply forget about copy and paste errors. When the data is getting automatically inserted and updated directly from the specific data source, then there is no chance of your report data or presentation being wrong in the first place as the data is coming from a verified source. Whatever data you will be using will directly be presented or reported on your screen.

The Creator is You

One of the best features of using DataPoint software as your reliable source of data and numbers for your presentation, reports and even data dashboards is that you are the sole person responsible for creating those amazing reports and presenting them. You can express your creative powers to the full extent using the DataPoint software. That means this software will help you more in your work rather than being a hindrance.

With DataPoint, wherever you work or whatever you work on, the reports you create will always be updated. Instead of wasting your time on something boring like manually updating your data (where copy-paste error can also occur), it is better to use a reliable data source with which you can also save your time.

Build OEE Displays in PowerPoint

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