In this article, we will explore how Jo De Saunois of VINCI Energies uses digital information boards created using PresentationPoint to communicate important company and safety information across it’s network of offices in Belgium.

information board used by Vinci Energies

The Network of Information Boards

VINCI Energies has 1,800 business units with 77.300 employees in 53 countries. They work in infrastructure, industry, building solutions and ICT worldwide.

VINCI Energies was looking for a solution to provide communication to a network of SOHO and offices they manage in Belgium.  After research and testing, they chose PresentationPoint software to manage their information boards and to connect them to real-time-data.

information board showing local business unit information

Business Unit Specific Information

The information boards for each business unit are customized to show information of specific interest to employees in that location. This is done by customizing the information board playlists for each location using iPoint. This keeps the information shown more relevant for the people in each area and doesn’t waste their time by showing information from other business units that woudn’t be of interest to local viewers.

News, Weather & Traffic Information

In addition to the specific business unit information, they use DataPoint to show the local news, weather and traffic information for each location. The traffic map is using DataPoint’s capability to display website images with updates.

Safety Video Delivery

During the safety week, the system was also used to deliver safety videos to their entire office network across Belgium. This can be done by scheduling special playlists during special events like a safety week so that your content is customized to fit the event theme.

Create Your Own

Want to know how to set up an information network like this for your own organization? Contact us and we would be happy to help.

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