presentation generator for Fully Automated Localization Powerpoint
Another recent customer to join is Emarsys, a global provider of cloud-based marketing solutions. With a customer base covering more than 120 countries and an ever-evolving platform of products and services, keeping the global sales presentations up to date in multiple languages was a real challenge.

The answer was to use DataPoint technology to create a single, fully-automated master Powerpoint presentation deck. Using DataPoint to link to Excel, all text and images can now be localized separately from the PPT and then inserted at the click of a button. Any number of versions can be created to cater for specific regional markets, without the risk of breaking complex animations that manual editing would entail. This solution is stable and scalable, meeting the demands of the global Sales teams while keeping up with the continuous delivery of features from Development, and all the while supporting the single-sourcing workflow of the documentation team.

source data for presentation collected in excel file
automatic generated presentation based on dynamic excel data

About Emarsys

Fully Automated Localization 6Emarsys is the engine behind some of the world’s smartest customer engagement solutions, with over 1000 clients in 120 countries using their technology including industry leaders such as eBay, Canon, Garmin, Zalando Lounge, Sky and A.S. Watson. Founded in 2000 in Vienna, they are one of the fastest growing companies in cloud marketing, with over 400 employees in 13 locations. Emarsys segments and analyses 1 billion customer records and sends more than 7 billion personalized emails every month.

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