Gain more Facebook likes by showing your Facebook Likes counter in real-time at your shop. Visitors and customers will like to like your Facebook business page to get more promotions, news and updates from your company. You are working hard to be creative and social by publishing articles, pictures and promotions on your social media pages, but the audience is probably too small. The more likes you have on your Facebook business page, the more exposure you will get with more page likes.

So the first step you need to take now, is to get more likes on your Facebook page. Put your Facebook URL on your business cards, on your window, on the ticket, etc. Another great option is to show in real-time the number of likes that you already have on your Facebook page. Use a computer and screen, or a laptop to show your Facebook Likes in real-time in a PowerPoint presentation. Why do you need a PowerPoint presentation? Well, PowerPoint slides are great to show and sell your promotions. Next to this real-time counter, you can show your current promotions. Like you see in shopping malls and fast-food restaurants.

Use our DataPoint plugin for PowerPoint. After installation, it is a new element in your PowerPoint ribbon.  Click facebook-page-in-real-time-on-powerpoint-slideto open it, and then click the List button of the Connections groups.

Click the Facebook Page node and then click the Add query button to add this data provider to your presentation.

Complete the Facebook URL of the business page of your choice. optionally you can choose to change the refresh rate.

Hit OK and a few seconds later you can see a preview of your Facebook data. You will find data columns like name, category, about, description, number of likes, number of check-ins and number of talking about.

Select or insert a new text box on your slide and have it selected. Then click DataPoint and click the Text box button to open its properties.

Set the connection to our Facebook connection and set the column to the Likes column. That is it. Optionally, you can format the number as a real number via the Format tab.

Click Ok to save the linking options and your text box will now forever show the number of likes you have on the selected page. Make it a beautiful slide and run it in full screen of kiosk mode.

Be creative with Facebook page info. You can for example continuously monitor the number of likes of BMW compared to Audi and see it changing in real-time.

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