A question at our PresentationPoint office popped up: how much time is spent to keep presentations up-to-date?

Calculating a precise estimate for the total number of hours spent updating presentation data worldwide annually is challenging due to several variables, including the sheer number of presentations created, the diversity of fields in which they are used (education, business, etc.), the varying lengths and complexity of these presentations, and individual efficiency in updating information. However, let’s create a rough estimate based on the information that we know.

Assumptions for Estimation:

  1. Number of Presentations Created Annually: This figure is enormous and hard to pinpoint accurately. Let’s conservatively estimate that 1 billion presentations are created each year globally. This considers business, academic settings, conferences, and more—any venue where presentations might be used.
  2. Frequency of Updates: Not all presentations require updates. For this estimate, let’s assume that 50% of presentations need yearly updates, which seems reasonable considering both one-time and regularly revisited presentations.
  3. Time Spent on Updates: Updating a presentation can vary significantly in time, from a few minutes to several hours. Let’s average this to 30 minutes (0.5 hours) per presentation, considering both minor data adjustments and significant content revisions.


  • Presentations Needing Updates Yearly: 1 billion presentations × 50% = 500 million presentations
  • Total Hours Spent on Updating Presentations Annually: 500 million presentations × 0.5 hours = 250 million hours


Based on these rough estimates and assumptions, around 250 million hours could be spent on updating presentation data worldwide each year.

It’s important to note this figure is speculative and highly sensitive to the initial assumptions. The actual number could sway significantly with changes in any of the assumed variables. Additionally, trends in presentation software development, the proliferation of automation tools, and shifts in workplace practices could influence the amount of time spent on such tasks.

It really is time to invest in technology to keep your presentations up-to-date!

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