A Trivia quiz is always great. Questions, suspension, doubt, reaction speed, fun and a good humor. Who needs more to break the ice and to spend some time with friends or family?

Typically for Trivia, you get a question for a given point of interest, e.g. like sports here in this article, and then 4 possible answers. The deal is to give the correct answer within 10 seconds.

PowerPoint is great to build Trivia games in. First of all you can create a slide per question. Display the 4 possible answers and then finally highlight the correct answer with some animation after exactly 10 seconds.

In this blog article I will highlight 2 great resources to build dynamic and random Trivia Quizzes.  First one is DigiChief; an online service that publish Trivia quizzes every day, and the second one is DataPoint to display this information in real-time on your slides, or to generate snapshot presentations automatically.

DigiChief is a company that is providing data feeds for digital signage. Trivia questions is just a minor part of all the services and data feeds that they are offering. Earlier we already mentioned their Doppler Radar images. Their Trivia feeds can cover the following areas:

  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • General knowledge
  • Sports

Every day they refresh their questions and answers. And this service can be approached as an XML data feed.

XML data feeds can be read out in real-time by our DataPoint add-on for PowerPoint. Set up a connection to their XML URL and read out their questions and answers every time that you open the presentation. Why not include a sports Trivia question on your digital signage screens?

After setting up this connection, you can add text boxes to your slides and assign a text box to the question column. Then use 4 other text boxes and link to the 4 possible answers. And finally use a 5th text box for the correct answer, that is brought in after 10 seconds.

Don’t forget to activate our data scrolling option to show multiple questions on one slide only. Like this one here:

And another one:
With or without our DataPoint product for dynamic linking, you can already download this great Trivia PowerPoint template for free.

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