dynamic presentations We’ve all been there. Sitting in a darkened room, watching a boring presentation with a speaker with a droning voice, reading bullet point after bullet point of largely data. ZZZZZZZZ. Instead of the usual boring PowerPoint presentations, why not give dynamic presentations?

What are Dynamic Presentations?

Dynamic presentations are presentations that have the latest, up to date information presented in a variety of highly graphic, visual pleasing ways. Instead of someone reading bullet points, the information is provided in stunning graphics and visuals, keeping your audience’s attention.

Benefits of Dynamic Presentations

  1. Up to Date: Imagine when you open your presentation before you present that all the data automatically updates so you have the latest information. Sales figures, profit figures, quality ratings, web traffic, any numbers your company normally generates or accesses can be automatically updated in your presentation.
  2. Less Mistakes: Have you ever started a presentation are realized some of the figures you are showing are wrong or outdated? That doesn’t happen with dynamic presentations because the presentation automatically updates itself with the latest information. Sales figures, currency conversions and all other information is automatically corrected as new data comes in.
  3. Saves Time: No more manual updating of tables, charts and graphs. Let the computer do all the work for you.
  4. Live Updating: You can even live update during your presentation. Imagine being able to show live, real-time social media feeds at a conference, or have your auction, donation or Kickstarter totals updating in real time.

Types of Dynamic Graphics You Can Show

You can show a range of dynamic graphics in your presentations such as:

  1. Charts
  2. Tachometers
  3. Clocks & Timers

Uses for Dynamic Presentations

Here are just a few of the many ways you can use dynamic presentations:

  • when speaking in front of an audience
  • as real time information screens in your entrance, waiting room, lunch room, etc.
  • company-wide updates via PowerPoint screensavers
  • as digital menu boards in restaurants
  • advertising systems in malls or on the outside of buildings
  • event updates in conference centres
  • directional guides in large facilities
  • to automate reporting
  • creating of “dashboards” to show key metrics in your organization

Automate Reporting

Do you have to gather information from a wide range of sources and report on it weekly or monthly? Dynamic presentations let you set up the report once, then the information will automatically update each day, week or month as you choose.

How to Create Dynamic Presentations

You can easily create dynamic presentations using DataPoint. DataPoint is a PowerPoint add-on, so you are working with the world’s leading presentation tool. Here are a series of articles on how to create dynamic presentations using DataPoint.


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