Business presentations have a reputation for being boring. Too many slides with bullet points and reams of financial tables. Here are our creative business presentation ideas to help you break out of boring and into grabbing your audience’s attention.

One Point Per Slide

Make sure each slide has only one point. Don’t overload each slide with too much information—thereby making it harder for people to absorb the information they need from each slide in order to make sense of it all!

Keep each slide focused on one idea or concept at a time, so people can take in all that information without feeling overwhelmed or confused by too many things happening at once on screen at one time.

Make It More Engaging

One great way to make your presentation memorable is to make it more engaging. Use technology to improve the flow of information and make it more engaging for your audience. You can use video clips, animations, sound effects, polls, and even games to engage your audience in ways that static slides never could!

Create Visual Impact

Visuals are powerful tools for conveying information quickly and clearly, which is why they’re so popular in presentations! You don’t need expensive software or fancy hardware—just use what you have available to get creative with your visuals! For example, you can use infographics, charts, and graphs if you’re presenting data; photos or drawings if you’re talking about a process or concept; or even simple hand-drawn sketches if you want to emphasize a point with humor or emotion.


Another of our creative business presentation ideas is to use animation to show how things work or to illustrate a process.

If it’s not possible to demo it in person, then try using video or animation instead (or both). This is a great way for the audience to get a deeper understanding of how a product works or what happens at each step in the process.

Use Humor – Carefully

Humor is a great way to engage your audience.

Poke fun at yourself, use personal stories, use cartoons or funny visuals (with permission), or humorous quotes from others.

It is important to use humor judiciously—not every slide needs a joke on it! Sometimes they can be distracting from the main point of your message if there aren’t enough other things going on in the slide itself; sometimes they can feel forced or unnatural.

Don’t use jokes about race, politics, sex, religion, age, disabilities, etc. as they run the risk of backfiring and offending some people. This is one of those creative business presentation ideas that can backfire on you.

Use Color

When people create presentations, it is almost like they are afraid to use color!

Branding each slide identically with brand colors and only adding some text bullet points and a small picture makes every slide look the same.

Break out by using full-screen images and bold colors to make your slides pop.

Make Data Come Alive

Data is critical to most presentations, but no one wants to look at boring data tables.

Use DataPoint to make your data come alive. DataPoint will update your data during your presentation and will let you show your live data as live infographics, charts, analog meters, and more.

Better Scripts and Storytelling

Now that your slides are amazing and have great visual impact, we need to look at the other half of your presentations – you!

As much as we love a good presentation deck, it’s not enough to just have a bunch of pretty slides. You need to be engaging and passionate about the topic.

High-impact slides are wasted if the presenter isn’t engaging and reads the slides aloud in a monotone voice.

Tell great stories and add life and passion to your voice. You can hire a speech or script writer to help you make the story side of your presentation compelling.

Consider joining a local Toastmasters or other speakers group to learn how to give presentations and to practice your presentations.

Sound Effects

Adding sound effects to a presentation can help bring your story to life.

Sound effects can add excitement, tension, and emotion to what you’re saying.

For example, if you are telling a story about a trip to the beach, you might want to add some waves crashing on the shore at the start of the presentation. It’s an easy way for people who aren’t there with you physically to feel like they were!

You can also use sound effects to emphasize important points in your story. For example, if there is a big reveal at the end of the presentation, maybe play ominous music at that point or have someone shout “Ooooh!” as a way of bringing attention back to the presenter after playing around with some fun sounds earlier on in the presentation.

Case Studies

We love our case studies and so do our visitors.

When we create proposal presentations, we include industry case studies so the audience can see how the software is already working well in their industry.

These real-life stories, pictures, and videos of our software in action add credibility to our presentations and this actual proof of work does much more to persuade prospective clients than any other assurances we might make.

So when you’re making a presentation and want to add some extra credibility, try adding a few of your own case studies!


Presenting data is a huge part of many presentations, but the typical way to present numbers is just… well, boring.

For example, if you’re presenting sales statistics for your company, it’s not very exciting to have a table of numbers on a slide. Your audience will probably tune out after about 30 seconds.

Your audience relates better to numbers when you present them visually using infographics. Infographics are memorable, provide context to the numbers, and can be set up update in real-time using DataPoint.

QR Codes

What if your audience could participate in your presentation by providing feedback in real time?

What if people could purchase your product or get deeper information instantly during your presentation?

You can do this by adding QR codes to your presentation.

Adding a QR code to your slides lets people use their smartphones to engage with you. When they scan the code with the QR code, you can send them to a web URL or provide other information.

You can use QR codes, to send people to:

  • Live polls
  • Social media check-ins
  • Sales links with time-limited coupons built-in
  • Contests, and more

DataPoint has built-in QR code capability to make it easy to create this extra engagement for your audience.


Reach Out for More Creative Business Presentation Ideas

We hope you have enjoyed these creative business presentation ideas. Reach out if you have questions as to how to implement the ideas here.

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