During times of crisis such as the recent Covid-19 outbreak, many of us turn to the Internet to keep informed. But what about people with no Internet access at home?

According to Statistica, in January 2020, only 59% of the world’s population are Internet users. How do the rest of the people say informed in an emergency?

Even in relatively wealthy countries like the US, many low-income people depend on public Internet connections like those in libraries, coffee shops, and other public wi-fi hotspots to apply for jobs, check email, talk with friends, take online courses and to keep informed.

Many students with no Internet access at home or limited access rely on Internet connections at schools and libraries to learn and do homework.

Library & Coffee Shop Closures = No Internet Access

The closure of libraries, schools, coffee shops and other places with public Internet during the Covid-19 outbreak has made it extremely difficult for people with no or limited Internet access at home to get news and stay informed.

Digital signage can provide another way for these people to stay informed.

Smart Cities with Digital Signage Networks

Many Smart City initiatives call for city-wide digital signage networks, strategically placed both indoors and outdoors in areas such as city facilities, public squares, public transit areas and other places where the public can see them.

Cities can also partner with existing digital signage networks run by businesses, advertisers and non-profit organizations to carry messages in an emergency and to increase the number of residents they reach.

These digital signage networks can provide emergency information as well as information about relief programs for those with no Internet access. They can also advise people with no Internet access where they can go to find public wifi. News broadcasts from local news stations can be shown with close captioning to provide additional information.

Questions about setting up digital signage networks for communcation during a crisis? We’d be happy to talk to you. Contact us.

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