Digital signage has quickly become a force to reckon with in the automobile sphere, and for a good reason. Embracing car dealership digital signage systems can drastically transform business operations, people’s experiences, and how information is passed within dealerships. Here are a few ways that digital signage can revolutionize car sales.

In-Dealership Advertising

Much of the customer journey unfolds within the dealership premises. Once they step into the dealership, digital signage can elevate their experience and convince them to buy. Dealerships can display stunning visuals, compelling car features, purchase benefits, insurance options, and more. Contrary to traditional signage, digital signage enables dealerships to display dynamic content, drawing the attention and piquing the interest of potential buyers.

Street Advertising

Think of digital signs as your dealership’s voice on the street. With the creative use of colors, motion, and interactivity, street advertising can grab attention from afar, drawing foot and car traffic to your business. It can also show passersby the model range available and inform them about ongoing promotions.

Showing Inventory on Large Screens

Gone are the days when customers had to move around lots to check out vehicle options. With car dealership digital signage, you can display your entire inventory on large screens, making it easier for customers to explore their options. You can highlight the specifications, unique features, pricing options, and availability status on these screens too. You can automate your inventory displays so ONLY available units are shown.

Providing Inventory on Tablets for Sales Reps

Digital signage is not limited to big screens alone but can also transform the operation on smaller devices like tablets. Your sales reps can have real-time access to the inventory with all relevant details. Now showing a potential buyer the available car options becomes a more customer-friendly and efficient process.

Service Specials

You can utilize digital signage to advertise various service specials, warranting higher customer engagement with dealership offers. Promoting promotions for car services, discounts on spare parts, or detailing services can incentivize customers to make purchases, thus increasing your service revenue.

Open Hours

Accurate and clearly stated opening hours are crucial for any retail business, and dealerships aren’t an exception. While it may seem traditional, displaying open hours using digital signage can add a professional touch that customers appreciate.

Community Support

Digital signage can also be a powerful tool to convey a dealership’s involvement in community support initiatives. Sponsoring a local Little League baseball team? Share live scores, team highlights, and how your dealership contributes to making it happen. Supporting the local food bank? Share how many meals were made possible by donations from your dealership and the drop-offs by your customers. These engagements go a long way in creating a strong dealership image as an important part of your community.

Personalized Emailing to Existing Clients

Going beyond signage, our software can also incorporate personalized video creation. Dealerships can email videos to existing clients to highlight awards on their current model, provide trade-in values, inform them about new features on new models, or discuss new payment options. This personalized experience is likely to boost customer retention and encourage them to make new purchases.

Internal Uses

In addition to these great ways you can advertise and generate sales, you can also use your digital signage internally to:

  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs) for your marketing department

  • Show a sales associate leaderboard

  • Communicate with your team such as safety messages, upcoming social events, media awareness, changes in procedures, celebration of employee of the month, etc.

Car Dealership Digital Signage Software

In conclusion, embracing car dealership digital signage doesn’t only modernize a dealership’s look but also its operation. It enhances the potential for higher sales, better customer relationship management, and overall improved customer experience. It’s no longer just about selling cars, but creating an immersive and helpful buying environment for every customer who steps into your dealership.

What software can do all this? Our DataPoint and iPoint software will:

  • manage all your digital signage advertising

  • let you create and schedule advertising playlists

  • advertise your service specials

  • connect your inventory to your signage in real-time

  • make customers aware of financing deals and options

  • create 1,000s of personalized email videos in minutes

Best of all? Both DataPoint and iPoint work with PowerPoint and Windows – software you probably already have and know how to use.

If you own an auto dealership and want to explore how car dealership digital signage can turbocharge your sales, reach out. We’re happy to help.

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