bluetooth smart buttonWaiting rooms are common in government offices, medical facilities, banks, bakeries, butcher shops and other offices. Managing waiting queues effectively is critical to your customer and patient well-being. In this
article, we will show you how to use a Bluetooth button for queue management systems to make your lineups go faster and to make it easier for your visitors to see which counter is available to serve them.

What is a bluetooth button? Bluetooth buttons are physical buttons that can be connected to control a wide range of events or apps through wireless connections. People have used bluetooth buttons to control lights, music, take photos, share locations, and even as an emergency signal.

Where do I get bluetooth buttons? You can get your bluetooth buttons at this link.

Demonstration of Bluetooth Button for Queue Management Systems

Here is a video demonstration of how we have set up a Bluetooth button for queue management systems.


When you watch the video, you will notice that when we push the Bluetooth button for each counter, the counter availability light can be changed from red to green and back again (or use a numeric counter instead of lights). This lets your counter staff easily control their availability with the click of a button and your waiting customers can quickly see which counter is open and ready to help them.

What Did We Use To Set Up this System?

Here are the physical components we used to set up this system:

Bluetooth Button for Queue Management System

For the software parts of this system we used:

  • DataPoint – to connect the graphic images to the database
  • PowerPoint
  • Small PHP script to update the database when the button is pushed

Connecting Bluetooth buttons to PowerPoint digital signage can add a wonderful physical element and interaction to your customer interactions.

If you would like help setting up a Bluetooth button for queue management systems or for other ideas to connect physical buttons to your presentations, contact us.


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