“Data” and “report” are the two words you are well accustomed to, even though you may or may not have to deal with it every day. But in case you have to create reports and manage dashboards every single day, then you are already aware of how arduous it is to manually collect, record and update those data. But thanks to the constant development of software and Information Technology, there is software available that can make reporting and updating dashboards easier than ever.

These software can enable you to simplify the whole data reporting process without tiring you out with manual labour. You won’t have to collect any data or make any changes from your side. Now you can think and ask, “All of these sounds pretty complex, will it really benefit me without any manual work from my side?” or you can also ask about the technicalities of the product, like “will it be actually easy to use?”

Well, the whole point of using these software is to aptly reduce your workload and make data reporting as well as managing the dashboard easier for you so that you can focus on the other part of your work. If you are hunting for a software that can make your work easier, then try DataPoint from presentationpoint.com. This is a data reporting tool that can automatically update your required data for presentations, reports and dashboards. Moreover, the tool is easier and more convenient for even those who are not tech-savvy. Be it automation or data linking, all your technicalities can be easily avoided if you use DataPoint in your system.

Best software for data reporting

​Benefits of using PowerPoint with plugin automation software to create presentations, reports and dashboards

If you use the plugin software daily with PowerPoint, you will notice multiple advantages when you use plugin software with PowerPoint. Some of them are discussed below:

Ease of reading

Sometimes the data reports, presentations and even dashboards become visually unappealing because of the coagulation of the data. But visually appealing presentations are always easy to read and catch. With your presentation, the audience will effortlessly comprehend the information and easily start working on it instead of pondering over the presentation or report to understand the whole point.


All of us heard the term that numbers don’t lie, and the dashboard reports are the exact proof of the proverb. With them, you can find out where exactly the problem lies. You can get behind the problem and start the preparation of solving the issue.

Identifying the trends

Right now, most things have become digital, and it has also become important for people to identify trends in order to excel in marketing. With reports made out of PowerPoint and DataPoint software, you can compare and contrast the last trend with the current one. To improve your deficiencies, you need to observe the marketing trends and act upon them, and the reports made from Microsoft PowerPoint with DataPoint can help you with that.

Safe and secured data management

With the help of advanced reporting options, you can secure your data and, at the same time, share them with your colleagues and audiences. The same goes for the dashboards; as the information gets automatically updated, no one else can tamper with the data you will be displaying to your audience. This is also an efficient way to keep your data secure from any external harm.

Create custom reports and data dashboards in an instant

Lots of companies require a quick status report, presentations, etc., in a very short amount of time, and workers need to finish them before the deadline. But they can’t just wait for the analyst in order to complete their projects. The plugin software with PowerPoint can help you create a dashboard, report or presentation in a matter of seconds, and you can quickly submit them before the deadline is over. Also, you won’t have to worry about the data and information being incorrect.

​Why should you choose DataPoint for data reporting

Refresh automatically

With the help of DataPoint software, whenever you create a presentation or report, the will be automatically refreshed whenever you open the report or presentation. If the data is time-sensitive, then you can set a time period where the data will be refreshed whenever the set time is over. This will also help you to streamline your reports with no manual updates required. Simply set an interval, and your work will be done automatically, apart from being updated whenever the file is opened.

Automated reports

DataPoint can help you create automated reports dashboards without having you go through multiple files and folders in order to create a compiled and updated report. Manually handling the data is extremely time-consuming and a tedious process where you can also get incorrect information, but with automated reports, you won’t have to face any of these issues.

Understanding human perception

Sometimes human brains cannot process much of the information and data at once; therefore, people make use of images. With visual processing, the complication of understanding the data becomes a lot easier and more memorable. That is the reason dashboards are used to make things more understandable, owing to the fact that at the end of the day, maximum people can remember 5 to 9 things at once.


People tend to read data differently, and you would want to use software that allows you to present your data differently according to the needs of your audience. DataPoint can make that easier and possible for you. You can use various visualization formats like boards, charts, graphs, etc. and let people understand the data in the most preferable way possible.


Manually updating data has proven to be time-consuming, and the end result is not totally error-free, not to mention you probably will have to update the data the very next day or whenever required. But with the help of DataPoint from presentationpoint.com, all of these problems can be easily solved and avoided. So if you wish for your reports and dashboards to be error-free, compact and easily updatable, then visit the link to try out the Data Reporting software.

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