Here is how Air Tindi, an airline based in Canada’s far North uses digital signage for airline schedules and communicating with customers.

Airline schedules from Air Tindi

Question: Tell us a bit about your company or organization or what you do.

30 years of service and a Northern Based Airline (Yellowknife, NWT), Air Tindi provides a diverse fleet of turboprop aircraft services, experienced staff, and a connection to northern communities.

Air Tindi is best known for the Twin Otter’s off-strip flight operations which can be equipped with floats, skis, and tundra tires, as well as the Dash 7 Combi which is well-known for its capability for short takeoffs and landings. Essential operations include daily scheduled flights serving isolated communities, medevac equipped air services, flights throughout northern Canada and charter flights serving mining, tourism, government and community support services.

Together with our partners, Tli Cho Air, Aqsaqniq Airways, Kivallingmiut Aviation, Auyuittuq Aviation, Denesoline Corporation, Dehcho Airways, and our 180 employees, we operate 19 aircraft of 7 different types.

Air Tindi is available for aircraft charter anywhere throughout Yukon, NWT, Nunavut, Alaska, and North America. Our services are on-call and available 24/7 year-round to serve you.

Question: Can you describe for us the problem you were trying to solve that led you to our software?


We were looking for a digital display solution. The main purpose for adopting the software was to create check-in displays for our scheduled service department. Through building the displays, we recognized very quickly how many other uses we had for the software. We seem to be constantly dreaming up new ideas.

airline digital signage

Question: How did you find PresentationPoint?


In our search for options for digital display software, PresentationPoint caught our eye. The software is very reasonably priced, so we took a risk in purchasing it and it worked out perfectly. PresentationPoint is partnered with many major corporations so that helped in making our decision. The software is easy to use, and offers a wide range of digital display possibilities.

Question:  Which of our software did you use to develop your solution?
Answer: Dynamic Elements, and DataPoint.

Question: Can you tell us how you solved the problem while using our software? What did our software let you do that you couldn’t before?


PresentationPoint enabled us to create digital displays that help guide and inform our customers of check-in procedures, rules, regulations and promotions. The display screens add a professional touch to our passenger lounge.

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Question: What are the results now that you have your system up and running?


There is a constant flow of compliments coming in about the improvement to our information delivery. We now have an easy platform to display all streams of information that can readily be modified as needed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this real-life case use from our client. If you have questions about how to use our software for airline schedules, customer communication or other digital signage solutions, or if you would like to share your own story of how you use our software, please contact us.

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