In the hospitality industry, a guest’s experience is everything. As a hotel operator, you want your guests to have the best experience possible to keep them coming back. Here are 10 ways you can use hotel digital signage to maximize your customer experience and to increase sales and engagement.

  1. Wayfinding: Digital signage can help guests navigate the hotel premises with ease, offering interactive maps and directories. This reduces confusion and improves the overall guest experience.
  2. Event listings: Hotels can showcase upcoming events, conferences, and meetings happening within the property, ensuring that guests are aware of these functions and can plan their stay accordingly.
  3. Local attractions: Digital signage can be used to highlight popular tourist attractions, restaurants, and shopping areas nearby, encouraging guests to explore the local area and enhancing their overall experience.
  4. Advertising and specials: Hotels can promote in-house services, such as spa treatments, dining options, and special offers, to increase revenue and encourage guests to take advantage of these amenities.
  5. Weather updates: Providing real-time weather updates allows guests to plan their day and make informed decisions about their activities, ensuring a pleasant stay.
  6. Personalized welcome messages: Digital signage can be used to greet guests with personalized messages upon arrival, making them feel valued and appreciated from the moment they enter the property. Welcome groups such as convention goers, sports teams, etc.
  7. Social media integration: Hotels can display user-generated content and reviews from social media platforms, showcasing positive experiences and testimonials from previous guests, which can boost credibility and attract more customers.
  8. Multilingual support: Digital signage can provide information in multiple languages, catering to a diverse range of guests and ensuring that everyone can access the information they need. Have dedicated screens for other languages or use QR codes to send patrons to a translation in their preferred language using their smartphones.
  9. Enhanced aesthetics: Digital signage can be used to display beautiful images and videos, creating a visually appealing environment that leaves a lasting impression on guests.
  10. Improved communication: Digital signage can be used to relay important information, such as emergency procedures and safety guidelines, ensuring that guests are well-informed and feel secure during their stay.

Software for Hotel Digital Signage:

At PresentationPoint, we believe that your hotel’s digital signage should be as unique and memorable as your property itself. We offer three different products to help you create and manage the perfect audiovisual experience for your guests.

  1. DataPoint: Show live events, news, weather, and connect to live data sources.
  2. SignageTube: Cloud-based digital signage. Create playlists, show graphics, videos, advertising and manage the audioscape of your hotel.
  3. Split-Flap TV: Vintage, boutique-style digital signage. This hotel digital signage evokes the nostalgic glory days of travel when mechanical split-flap boards were in every airport and train station. A modern, cost-effective alternative to complex, expensive mechanical split flap boards.

We know that choosing the right digital signage software can be confusing. That’s why we offer custom quotes for all of our customers. Whether you’re just looking to get started or are ready for a full rollout, we want to make sure you have the right hotel digital signage solution.

Fill out our Request a Quote form and we’ll be happy to prepare a customized quote that meets your needs!

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