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We have 2 software components in our iPoint system.

A player license to run iPoint playlists on a remote computer.

The Scheduler application is used to create playlists, schedule playlists and to monitor your complete iPoint system with live thumbnails. One scheduler comes for free with your first player license.

Player licenses

Additional Scheduler licenses

Price doesn’t include local value-added tax (VAT) and sales tax if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Order online

You can order online via our e-commerce platform, safe and secure via a SSL connection. Easy payments via credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, checks, or purchase orders.

What is the license policy?
You can install one license on one computer. Activation of the license is done with the username and password of your PresentationPoint License Account.

You can always deactivate a license on computer A and activate it then on computer B.

What about updates?
With your license you get free updates and bug fixes. There are no recurrent fees.

You can upgrade for a reduced upgrade fee when we come out with a new major release.

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