Updating data manually is always a hefty task. You have to go through piles of pages to find a few relevant pieces of information you are looking for. But does it end there? Unfortunately, the answer is no. After finding the data you are looking for, you will have to manually update all of it, which is like eternity itself.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this complex and time-consuming process. All of this can be avoided if DataPoint is used. Add any data source like Microsoft SQL database from your DataPoint tab while creating the presentation will do the job. Whatever data you want to use for your presentation will be automatically updated at the start of your presentation.

The benefit of using DataPoint is that you will be able to save both your time and money. DataPoint is created in such a way that all of your required data can be updated in time and instantaneously.

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Keep Updating your Data in Real-Time

You can keep your presentation and data up to date without lifting a finger. No need to manually update your data one by one. You can choose from 25 sources, and all of your data will be automatically updated when you open the presentation or run a slideshow. Also, you can set the refresh speed according to your own preference.

Be in Control

With DataPoint, you can insert your data wherever you want to. The data will get refreshed according to the set time. The other features include styling, inserting images and looks. Moreover, you can create multiple slides for one presentation. There is also a prerogative to create individual presentations depending on the target audience.

Update the Data Instantly

Using DataPoint, you don’t need to wait for the data to be updated. All of your screens will be updated automatically and instantaneously. DataPoint will show your data according to the template you are using or the design of your work. To get the result, you will only have to connect your presentation with the perfect source: weather, news, excel sheets etc. keep yourself and your audience informed and updated with DataPoint.

How DataPoint Works

DataPoint is simple and easy to use, and its most attractive feature is that you won’t have to update the data or keep track of it manually. Here are a few simple steps with which you can create your perfect presentation using DataPoint:

  1. First, create your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Go to the DataPoint tab.
  3. Establish the connection between your presentation and the data source.
  4. Attach the rest of your designs, images and text to complete your presentation.
  5. When you open your presentation or run the slideshow, the data will automatically get updated.

Except for these, you can use DataPoint to create data dashboards, add different conditions and rules to your data. For example, you can show the first 50 data in yellow but adding some simple instructions. You can also show and hide the data according to your requirements.

DataPoint comes in three different packages, and each of them has some similar and add-on features depending upon the price rates. Here is some information about the packages below:

Standard Edition: This is the minimum package with a license fee per user or screen. It is ideal for presentation and designing. It offers real-time updates, PowerPoint links with real-time data, connects with databases, news, weather and social media. And lastly, it also offers mail merging of data with multiple slides.

Enterprise Edition: The enterprise is an ideal package to be used for creating reports. The package offers more features than the previously mentioned Standard Edition. All the Standard edition features are available in this package with additional features such as automatic generation of emails, real-time updates on a dedicated screen, and free use of the DataPoint viewer edition.

Industrial Edition: The value of the Industrial edition is the same as the Enterprise edition, but the industrial edition is specifically designed to help and offer easiness while creating industry reports. And it comes with additional scripting command-line tools and industry 4.0 OPC data sources.

With the DataPoint, you can create a PowerPoint presentation with the perfect and absolute data available. No more manually updating or creating spreadsheets. You can save more of your time and be creative about it. This is your opportunity to be one step ahead of others. Grab it before someone else and increase your productivity by many folds.

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