Lobby digital welcoming screens offer you an innovative hotspot for informing your clients, growing your brand, all while helping you to save money, time and hassles as compared to the traditional signage. Using the right display software, it is easy to setup and manage your engaging, welcoming screens within a short time. Listed below are some of the main reasons why you should use a welcoming screen at the entrance of your business.

Who Uses Digital Welcoming Screen?

It is highly likely that you have encountered digital screen in front of most businesses today. Here are a few examples of the major kinds of businesses that use digital welcoming signage:

  • Hotels – In this case, the digital displays may be used to showcase the main features of the hotel, welcome guests, drive positive online reviews and also show nearby attractions.
  • Offices – Both corporate and small businesses use office lobby welcoming screen for welcoming visitors and internal communications.
  • Schools – In the educational sector, digital screens can be used to not only keep the campuses connected but also to inform visitors and students of essential programs.
  • Medical offices – More medical offices are using welcoming digital screens to inform patients on how to take better care of themselves and generally putting them at ease before their appointment.
  • Banks – Waiting for your turn at the bank is significantly less dull when you have a welcoming screen to entertain or inform you while you wait.
  • Gyms – Welcoming screens placed in the lobby or front entrance of a health centre or gym offer an excellent method of promoting classes, motivating staff and also welcoming clients.
welcoming screen at reception - digital signage

Benefits of Using a Digital Welcoming Screen

Dynamic Content

On-premise digital welcoming screens are allowed to showcase dynamic, moving content that inherently attracts passing traffic. It allows the brand message on the screen to be easily consumed by the passers-by and remembered. Even if you are just running a static message, the image or text is likely going to be more captivating and compelling than a static sign since it can be switched out regularly to ensure it stays fresh.

Moreover, since these screens are illuminated, the content is easily visible, and it is not subjected to normal image fad due to sun exposure. You can also run several promotions simultaneously and repeat the ones that are effective at improving your sales and profits.

Highly Flexible

Sometimes companies create a promotion and prepare all the necessary materials and static signs, just to discover that it must all be changed. In such cases, the only way forward is to get rid of all the prepared materials and then start over. This means reinvesting all that money and work spent in the previous campaign, which can become very costly.

In contrast, a welcoming screen allows you to have better flexibility when it comes to making any changes to the content of your promotion. Changes can be done instantly through an app like Data Point and are immediately seen on the presentation. There is no need for taking down everything once the promotion ends. Simply input the new promotion or welcoming message and you are ready to go.

Better Message Recall

Since digital welcoming screens offer vivid and dynamic content, they are much better at pulling the focus and interest of potential consumers. This means you will benefit from a greater message recall with digital signs as compared to the conventional static signs. The key is to make your presentations more memorable, and you will be on your way to improving brand reputation. For businesses with less marketing resources, increasing memorability of your ads can have a great effect on your profits.

Since small businesses cannot run expensive and far-reaching promotion campaigns, they need to use other ways of making themselves more noticeable, usually right inside their stores. Setting up welcoming screens is a very effective method of doing so because it has a major effect on consumers that can even stop them instantly to read the message. Consumers generally consider digital signage as being more unique, entertaining, interesting and attention-grabbing than other types of media.

Less Trash

One common aspect of static signs is that they are made from plastic. This includes everything from the PVC banner or the vinyl graphics, once the promotion ends; it must go in the trash. Just think of the numerous sales and promotions initiatives that businesses do and then you will realise how much garbage is actually generated once those initiatives end. However, with a digital screen, there is no longer any problem of trash. When you finish the promotion, simply create another presentation in your controlling and scheduling app like iPoint and then run another presentation. If you want to get rid of the previous presentation, you only need to delete the initial file.

welcome info at reception slide 1Improve Social Media Visibility

Social media has become a major blessing for small business since it acts like a key source of affordable advertising. However, that advertising is only going to be effective if you have a visible presence on social media, which means that people can see your posts and engage with you. In this case, you can use welcoming screens that feature integration to your social media pages. This way you are providing more value and interactivity for clients, which can be achieved by even displaying their comments or posts.

This translates into more mentions, shares, and ultimately more followers to you social media pages. You can set up a real-time social media feed on your digital screen and give your clients a voice. This interactive feature will significantly improve your online engagement and increase your visibility as well. That is something that any business can benefit from, especially small businesses since it requires very little effort and cost.

Easy to Setup

When it comes to running a business, time is money. Additionally, technology is designed to make life easier. Luckily, digital welcoming signage is very easy to set up and does not require much effort or time to maintain. Once it is all set up, you can just forget about it as the automation takes over. You will always have the latest data displayed on your screens without having to constantly worry about updating your content.

Reasons to Use a Welcoming Screen

Are you looking for new ways of enhancing your employee and customer experience, along with growing your company organically? Welcome screens or digital signs are an excellent low maintenance and affordable way of doing both. Here are the 10 reasons why you need to leverage digital sings for effective digital marketing.

1. Introduce Visitors to Company and Services/Products

With a well-designed digital signage, businesses have an innovative canvas in which to display a wide range of content. This opens up endless possibilities for informing or even entertaining your audience. Whether it is showing current events, video clips, presentations or the weather forecast, the content you choose will improve the customer and employee experience. You can also show a brief history of your company in an interesting story and also describe your main products and services.

Here are some of the main things you can include in your lobby welcome screens:

  • welcome info at reception slide 2Company information, including products and, services.
  • Live weather feed.
  • Live news feed
  • Current date and time
  • Digital wait list
  • Event promotions
  • Digital marketing
  • Safety instructions (for a factory)
  • Instagram wall etc.

2. Enhance Social Media Engagement

Through showcasing the energy and excitement of happy customers and employees, you can seamlessly space social buzz. This will help you get new followers and successfully strengthen your online presence. Integrating social media feeds into your welcoming screen increases social chatter significantly within a short time.

Besides increase social media engagement, your digital signs also help build trust and credibility, which are essential for sustained business growth. When your clients see their views aired on the huge displays in your lobby, they will feel that you value their input, thus increasing loyalty. Combining better social media engagement with loyalty is highly lucrative for any business.

3. Engage Clients With An Effective Call To Action

A welcoming screen is one of the best tools you can use for engaging potential clients into taking positive action. The best thing about using these digital signs is that they do most of the marketing work for you, prompting your clients to take positive action in a reliable and consistent way. These displays attract the audience and get them talking about your business or products in a positive way or even to give your brand valuable feedback.

4. Upsell Services and Products

Even with proper training of employees to services and products, it can be hard to guarantee consistence and also upselling at all opportunities. Usually, a subtle reminder or image will help in upselling consumers much more effectively than listening to a sales pitch being recited at a sudden moment during a normal customer experience. Welcoming screens, therefore, provide the perfect way to upsell services and products effectively and also guarantee consistency that clients are always communicated the chance to buy more products from your company.

5. Share New Promotions

One way of getting clients excited about dealing with your business is through offering promotions. You can integrate promotions into your overall brand experience to increase the possibility of clients answering your calls to action. For instance, offering promotional discounts on your welcome screens creates an urgency that gets your clients to take a positive action.

6. Generate Sales From Advertising Revenue

In addition to strengthening your brand message, a welcoming screen can even create a new source of revenue for your business. Nearly every successful business is called by other similar business looking to get exposed to their client base. The digital screen creates an excellent opportunity where you can sell ad time, which will directly benefit your business.

Actually, this is the perfect time to form strategic relationships with non-competing companies that are targeting similar audiences. You can even consider creating a sponsorship agreement where you both display each other’s ads in your lobbies. For instance, alcohol brands usually sponsor digital signage in bars where clients make buying decisions. This allows both brands to benefit from the positive action taken by the consumers.

7. Make Events More Engaging

An intelligent digital welcoming display enhances experiences that represent your brand. For instance, you can reward your participants by displaying their views on the big screen when they share your content or use your hash tag. This promotes more social engagement and ultimately enhances the event by adding the interactivity feature.

welcome info at reception slide 38. Reduce Perception of Waiting Time

When your company is thriving and has become successful, it is highly likely that your clients have to wait for a bit to receive the best service or product that you have to offer. Regardless of which promotion that is keeping your clients waiting in line, you can take advantage of the idle time to engage your audience about your brand, especially through upselling related products.

Every second that passes by when potential clients are in your business premises is very precious. The welcoming displays can help you improve people’s experiences with your brand. This can be through rewarding those who promote your content, effectively upselling your products or services and also generally entertaining your audience.


Modern business technologies such as digital welcoming screens are no longer simply reserved for the large retail chains or big corporate offices. Even though it definitely benefits these kinds of businesses, both small and medium sized businesses also have the ability to reap from the rewards of having a digital welcoming screen. In fact, it is an innovative yet highly affordable advertisement solution that is perfect for businesses with limited marketing resources.

Are you looking to install a digital welcoming display in your business? You can now get all these benefits by using PowerPoint and Presentation Point suite of helpful software like DataPoint and iPoint. Contact us today for more information on how to modernise your business by adding a digital welcoming display with a custom made presentation.

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