As of today, we have free trial setups available for everyone who wants to try out our great Dynamic Elements plugins.

We have 7 Dynamic Elements for you:

  • Dynamic Likes to show the number of Facebook likes that you have a business Facebook page that you administer.
  • Dynamic Music to play a continuous loop of MP3 audio files while the slideshow is running. Ideal for shops to play audio while you show a slide show with your products and promotions.
  • Dynamic News to display a live RSS feed of news articles on your slide.
  • Dynamic Pictures to show a picture slider shape on your slide.
  • Dynamic Time to count down and put a timer on your slides.
  • Dynamic Wall to show a large PowerPoint slide show on a video wall of television screens.
  • Dynamic Weather to provide real-time weather conditions and forecasts on your slide show.

The functionality of the trial setup is completely identical to the production setup, except that a slide show in trial is ended automatically after 5 minutes of airtime.

dynamic elements software bundle

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