This is a Frequently Asked Question. What is the difference between DataPoint and Dynamic Elements? Let me explain.



Dynamic Elements

Dynamic Elements

DataPoint is an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint version 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 as we write.
Dynamic Elements is a series of add-ons for Microsoft PowerPoint version 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 as we write.

DataPoint is an add-on only. There are no templates that come along with the DataPoint installation, but of course, you can quickly set up a new presentation yourself or use an existing one from a templates library.
Dynamic Elements are add-ons and all Dynamic Elements have a nice and professional template associated to illustrate its capabilities. For example Dynamic Weather has a template with some 20 weather slides that you can customize and use on your screens.

Pricing: DataPoint costs €379 or $449 per license. One-time cost with free support and bug fixes within the same PowerPoint version. Trouble tickers thru our helpdesk ticketing system.

One Dynamic Elements like e.g. Dynamic News costs €79 or $79 at the moment. The Dynamic Elements bundle with all Dynamic Elements together, costs €219 or $219. Free support and bug fixes. So pricing is more or less identical.

DataPoint can display news, weather, date and time too, just like the separate Dynamic Elements can. But next to that, DataPoint can be used to connect to other data sources like XML, Excel and all kinds of databases. A full list of data providers can be found here.
One Dynamic Elements can connect to only one data provider that it was designed for. For example Dynamic News can connect to news sites and display RSS information on your slides. Nothing more, ‘just that’.

DataPoint (especially for database linking etc) requires a bit more technical knowledge than a user using Dynamic Elements.
Dynamic Elements is easy to use. No technical knowledge required.

DataPoint will load faster when you start PowerPoint.
Loading of all Dynamic Elements add-ons will take longer when you start PowerPoint since they all have to load and initialize.

Read more about DataPoint and its different editions.
Have a look at the Dynamic Elements.

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