Pricipal Alan LiddleI highly recommend DataPoint, which is one of the software packages offered by PresentationPoint.

My name is Alan Liddle and I am the Principal of Te Puke High School in New Zealand. Each year, I organise a trip for a group of our students to travel overseas to Malaysia and Singapore for an Educational Adventure (MASEA). The students along with their parents/caregivers do a lot of fundraising to cover the cost of the trip. Fundraising takes up much of the year prior to the trip.

I meet regularly with the students and their parents/caregivers to update them on progress using a PowerPoint presentation. To help motivate the students and their parents/caregivers, I wanted to produce a countdown clock in my PowerPoint presentation. I searched the internet and evaluated a number of software packages. My search led me to the PresentationPoint website, where I found DataPoint.

I downloaded the free 15 day trial of DataPoint and followed the instructions to set it up and integrate it with my PowerPoint presentation. It was a relatively simple process. I was able to achieve the effect I wanted using a font that resembled that used on the travel schedule boards in airports and train stations.

My presentation was well received with the students and their parents/caregivers expressing their amazement with the countdown.

Afterwards, I received lots of positive feedback from my audience about the progress that had been made in relation to the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds till the trip!

There are lots of applications for the use of DataPoint in any organisation that would like to show a countdown to a special event.

I am very pleased with DataPoint and would highly recommend it.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Liddle

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