dynamic time set counter propertiesNumber of days since the last accident

People see them in factories typically; those simple safety boards indicating the number of days since the last accident. It is hard working in a factory and the chance on injuries is bigger than sitting in front of a computer, that we all know. Therefore companies try to work and save with instructions, training sessions and a motivational information board with the number of days since the last accident at the plant.

Typically they use a large LED wall at the entrance of a factory displaying the number of days since the last accident and sometimes (like on this image) the previous record in days. But that is old-fashioned! A big investment for displaying a number of 3, hopefully 4 digits, while there is so much more to say on safety in a factory.

Presentation on a real television screen

Use a simple low-cost computer and a large television screen connected to it. Nowadays the user should have 70″ 4K resolution television screens for almost the same price as such a big LED screen. And with a computer and a presentation the user can do more.  OK, the number is important and that can be shown in a presentation too on every slide of a presentation. But if the user would present a slide show with images, instructions and reminders,  safety information screen could become such more vivid than a boring LED screen.

And more of the importance, the user can add and edit the slides based on the experience and season. A LED screen only updates at midnight when it – hopefully – increments the number of days with 1 unit.

Dynamic TIME for counting of days

Use Microsoft PowerPoint for modern presentations and add our dynamic TIME add-on to it. Set up and design the  presentation with instructions on what went wrong in the past, what is decided to prevent in the future etc. Multiple presentations or multiple screens can be used for each target group or production unit in a large factory.

With dynamic TIME the add a text box to the PowerPoint slide.  Or even better, the user use a text box on the slide master so that the text box is visible on each slide of the presentation. The user can even use a LED-type font for the real LED-lovers.

Set the mode to Counter and specify the date of the last accident.

At the Display property, select Days from the list. Or even Total minutes if the user wants to display the number of minutes to make it more dynamic.

Use our ShowPoint software or the more professional iPoint software edition to launch the presentation on the television screen automatically.

Dynamic date and time controls

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