Swimming Signs Presentation Makeover
We start a new series of articles where we take a do a makeover of an everyday situation that we see, where we feel that a digital presentation with dynamic info would be much better. So, we typically take a picture of the current situation, build a new dynamic presentation for it with our software tools, and describe how we could make it. Our first article: Swimming Signs.

This article is based on a situation that we experienced during our recent visit to the Presentation Summit at Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Original Swimming Sign on Chalk Board

The Change that Clearwater Beach Needs Today

There are certain everyday situations that are in need of a complete transformation with regards to the way they provide information. These usually include useful data that aim to facilitate the users positively. However, they must be altered to a dynamic presentation than the present static one. This is because they are less efficient, clear and notable in their present form and hence doesn’t provide the optimum value to the readers. The image provided before this showcases a typical swimming sign notice board that provides instructions to swimmers at Clearwater Beach, Florida. It is evident that there are many drawbacks in this notice when compared with a dynamic presentation.

But, when swimming signs are transformed to a data-driven presentation with clearly defined information, it is considered as highly beneficial. This is not only a great way to make use of the available technological tools but also makes the notice versatile. It overcomes all the drawbacks in the conventional notice and provides valuable data to users. More importantly, it can even be understood by children as it is written in simple language. Here’s why this makeover is essential to both beach authorities and the swimmers.

Swimming Sign Makeover as Digital Signage Dynamic Presentation

The Problem with the Original Swimming Signs

The purpose of the original image and the newly modified image is the same. Both the images portray some instructions given to swimmers of Clearwater Beach, Florida. However, if you scrutinize the first image, you will find that the data presented here is precise but complicated. The warnings and safety precautions given on the rip current can confuse any person who reads it. This is because it has presented one or two main ideas in an array of points.

The next notice indicates the exact details like the gulf temperature, low tide, high tide, etc. But, it doesn’t state the importance of this information to a swimmer. Thus, it can easily be incomprehensible to people who are unaware of the importance of these details. These can be the people who are new to Clearwater Beach and unaware of these changes that take place with time. Even swimmers who are beginners will find it hard to realize the depth of these important notices.

The Reason for Modification

This is why the swimming signs have been transformed into a new image that has modified the given instructions and warnings to swimmers. They are written in a simpler form which can be easily be understood by anyone with an average literacy. This dynamic information also clearly states the activities that are strictly prohibited or not encouraged to perform at certain times. The message that is provided indirectly through the minute details in the original image is provided directly in the modified image as clear warnings. This is highly valuable for both locals and foreigners who come to Clearwater beach.

Also, the modified image is designed in such a way that it grabs the attention of people immediately. It is portrayed in a very attractive method using larger fonts and an appropriate picture. The picture itself clearly defines the message the authorities want to convey to swimmers of Clearwater beach, Florida. Even the background color clearly highlights the numbered instructions. Therefore, anyone will be keen to read these instructions and take necessary safety precautions. The major benefit of using such a clear notice is to help people understand the importance of the given warnings/instructions.

So, it is important to understand the need to change the conventional notices that is seen near the beach. The newly adopted data-driven presentation can grant a better view of the instructions to the readers. People are no longer attracted to static information because they fail to provide the accurate details. On the other hand, dynamic information is modernized and much detailed which is beneficial for both beginners and experts. It is the era where these minute things should undergo a transition and adjust to the digital age.

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