DataPoint is mostly used to display the latest information dynamically on your PowerPoint slide. But sometimes people want to display random stuff. Like the joke of the day, quote of the day, etc.

For all of the 25 data providers that you have in DataPoint, you can set the option to randomize the data rows.

Simply set up your connection to your data source. For this sample we connect PowerPoint to a RSS feed that holds some funny quotes of the day. Set the RSS URL and click the Advanced button.

Check the option Randomize data rows and close the forms.

Back in the connections, you will see a preview of the data.

Select or insert a new text box on your slide, select the text box and click DataPoint, Text box button.

For this feed, we will find the quote of the day in the Description field. Link this text box to your data connection, set the column to Description and leave the row at 1.

Hit OK and the text box is dynamically linked to your data source. 

Add some more slides to your presentation. Set the transition time to automatically advance after a certain number of seconds. Uncheck the option On Mouse Click. And set the slideshow type to a kiosk to run full screen and to repeat forever.

Then run the slideshow. Every time that this slide is shown, with a data connection that was marked as random, a randomization process on all available rows is executed. So every time this slide shows, a new random data record is shown.


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