PowerPoint as Information Screen

You are on the right track already when you display real-time data on a television or computer screen with Microsoft PowerPoint. Like a message board or information screen in your company, school or factory.

DataPoint technology can be used to link your slides to data sources like files and databases. DataPoint updates the information in real-time on your information screen.

Problem: the attention drops

Whenever your visitors or personnel is looking at the screen, they will see live data updates as they occur in the data source. But, their attention might drop when you are staring at the screen for a longer time.  Better would be to run a notification sound whenever the data on the screen gets updated.

There is a new feature in DataPoint for text boxes where you can play an audio signal when the data has changed.

Notification Sound

With DataPoint, first set up a connection to your data source and link a given cell of information, in real-time to a normal PowerPoint text box. Your raw data could look like this.

notification sound raw excel data
Then you use different text boxes on your slide and link it to the individual data cells.
notification sound slide design with data
Select a text box that holds a score and click DataPoint from your PowerPoint ribbon, and then click the Text box button.
datapoint menu in powerpoint ribbon
Link the content of a text box to a data connection, and a given cell.
text box link properties
Click to open the Misc tab now. Check the option to play a notification sound and click the Browse button to select your sound file.
notification sound settings
Click OK to close and hit F5 to run your slide show.
powerpoint slide show with notification sounds on data updates
So, while your slide show is running to show the data, DataPoint updates the content on your slides and plays a notification sound whenever the data is updated. Great addition to DataPoint! You can enable notification sounds on text boxes and images.

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