When you want to show a video in full screen on a PowerPoint slideshow, then you can insert that video to slide. When you are using this slideshow for your information screens at the company, then you want it to start automatically. To start a video automatically, without clicking to start it, follow these instructions.

How to Start a Video Automatically?

Select the video and click Playback on the menu. The Start option by default is set to In Click Sequence. Change this setting to Automatically.

start video automatically slideshow

Run your slideshow now, and the video will be started automatically when you arrive on this slide.

How to Remove the Video Media Controls?

But a new problem comes up. At the bottom of the video, you see some video media controls to pause (and start again, the video progress meters, and a slider to control the sound level of the video. For unattended information screens, for example at the entrance of your company, you don’t want to show this. It is unprofessional.)

media controls visible on video in powerpoint

To remove those video media controls, click the Slide Show menu option.

hide video media controls from slideshow

Uncheck the option there: Show Media Controls, and then run the slide show again. No media controls will be shown on top of the video.

no more media controls visible on video

To prevent other controls to appear on the slide, it is best to set the slide show type to kiosk. To get there, click the Set Up Slide Show button.

slide show in kiosk mode

Everything is now ready to show your slide show continuously on your television screen. Full screen, and without the controls that you don’t need it looks professional now.

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