When you are in the train stations, airports, or shopping malls, you will see video advertising for clothing, electronic devices, bags, perfumes etc. everywhere.  They are using very attractive and colorful television screens to broadcast their ads.  These screens scream for attention because the more they are seen, the better the marketing campaigns are, the better the sales. Let me give you a very good tip on how you can save time and money and make video advertising much more easier with PowerPoint.

Videos are a bit more complex to create.  First of all, you have to record your environment.  Imagine a woman walking in a sunny and romantic city with a new travel suitcase.  You have to clear the pathway, arrange that model, dress her, walking around with the suitcase and then video-record it, possibly from different angles and with multiple shots.  That takes time and preparation.  Maybe your video recording work is much easier when you don’t need recording and maybe can rotate your product on a turntable and record it that way.  Much easier and cheaper!

After the shooting, you need to go into a video editing studio to process all your recording and get the best shots out of it, in a fluent sequence and much shorter message because you will probably end up with a 15-20 seconds video ad.  This process of rendering is done on a high-end computer with high-professional video editing software that only specialists can operate.

Be careful with this step here now.  You better stop with this type of software; when the video advertising is ready, but just before you put your brand logo, slogans, descriptions, and pricing on top of the video material.

Typically a brand or company logo, product description, and pricing information is added as an extra textual layer on top of the video. When this is done with that high-end professional video recording software, then you can’t change anything afterward because this is merged into one video file.  You will need to contact these expensive video editors and graphic designers again.

Well no! Do this directly in PowerPoint. Create a new presentation. If needed, correct the slide orientation and slide size.  Then insert your video file without text on your slide.  And here, on your PowerPoint slide, on top of the video, you add your brand or company logo, your product description, and pricing information.

You choose the font, the font size, the colors of the texts, its position on the slide and so on. And you use regular PowerPoint animations to bring up your logo, fade in your product slogan in a next step, and so on. This can be so easy with PowerPoint’s animation techniques.

This is the raw video
This is the version with this same video in PowerPoint with some text overlays and animations
By creating your video advertising in PowerPoint, you have a few advantages compared to regular videos with texts rendered on the video directly.

  1. You are in control. No need to contact and wait for the video editing company whenever they have time for this small change.
  2. Cheaper production and modification cost, starting with the first modification already.
  3. PowerPoint can perfectly be used to export to the same high-quality video as others do. Even 4K video format is possible.

Optionally, you can use our digital signage product called iPoint to schedule and send out your presentations to your screens; in PowerPoint native format or video format.

Download this video in PowerPoint format.

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