I love when I drive or walk by a business and they have a funny sign out front. It shows me that the shop owners have a sense of humor and I have a warm feeling about the business and enjoy that they made me laugh.

In this video, we will show you how to create your own funny sign that automatically updates using PowerPoint digital signage along with our DataPoint add-on for PowerPoint.

To make it easy for you to create and show your funny sign digital signage, we have provided a free template for you.

Download the free PowerPoint funny sign presentation template here.

The next step is to decide whether you want to use just one slide template or rotate through all of them. If you only want to use a single slide template, copy the slide you want to a new presentation. This will give you a single slide background with the funny sign quotes rotating through.

Connecting To Your Funny Sign Quotes

You can either connect to your own collection of funny sign sayings or connect to our live JSON feed.

To create your own collection, simply create an excel spreadsheet or other database we support with your sayings in the database and use DataPoint to connect to it.

To connect to our JSON feed, do the following.

Step 1: Assuming you already have DataPoint installed in your PowerPoint appliction, click on [Datapoint], then the [List] command.

funny signs - make database connection

Step 2: Find the JSON connection option, choose the JSON database connection option, click on [Add Connection] and input this JSON url:


funny signs JSON feed connection

Step 3: Add Query – click on the [Add Query command] and choose the JSON Data table and how often you want the query to refresh your sign. Once this is done, you will see the data preview in the bottom section.

funny signs add query

Now just click OK, save everything and run the presentation. And now your funny signs PowerPoint presentation will automatically update.

You can download this template.

Questions about DataPoint or digital signage? Contact us. 

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