Here is a recording of Garland Coulson’s presentation from our 2019 Presentation Ideas Conference.

Creating KPI Dashboards in PowerPoint

You use dashboards every day you drive your car. Your car dashboard monitors speed, fuel, engine temperature and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Pilots use much more in-depth dashboards to fly complex air craft.

But what about your business? Or your factory floor or manufacturing facility? What if you could have a dashboard to show how your business was running or how your manufacturing was proceeding? This is easy to do with PowerPoint.

In this presentation, Garland will show you how to create your own KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard in PowerPoint to monitor your KPIs in real-time.

About Garland Coulson

Garland is a well-known speaker and author on time management and productivity. For over 20 years, he has helped people double or triple their productivity.

Garland is the Marketing Director of PresentationPoint, a leading company in data-driven presentations and digital signage. Garland and also manages PresentationPoint’s affiliate and reseller programs.

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