Dear Local business owner,

number dispenser for waiting queue, take a numberDoes Your Current Queue Management System Cost Too Much and Provide Too Little?

Do you want to display much more than 2 digits to your waiting customers?

Are you looking for a Professional Queue Management Solution that your business DESERVES?

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then congrats! You have come to the end of you journey.

And here’s why…

We at present you the Best Professional Queue Management solution. We call it CounterPoint.

What is Counterpoint? Counterpoint is a Breakthrough Revolutionary PowerPoint queue Management Software that has completely taken counter display to the Next Level. Counterpoint is simply a PowerPoint add-on that enables you display your counter. It is a professional waiting queue management system for your waiting areas, post offices, help desks, shops, counters etc.

With CounterPoint, you can display more than just two digits to your customers. You can display your company name and logo, opening hours, adverts, promotions, announcements etc. People still take a number when they come in but they will now be entertained by a nice presentation or infotainment system.


To use CounterPoint, you need:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • CounterPoint PowerPoint Software
  • A Computer
  • LCD/LED/Plasma display or Television
  • Ticket or number dispenser or printer at the entrance
  • A normal mouse, a PowerPoint presenter stick or any device that can stimulate a mouse left and right click

counterpoint waiting queue in powerpoint

With CounterPoint

  • You get to display your counter on a larger screen or display like LED/LCD monitors or televisions
  • You get to place adverts, instructions, messages, promotions, opening hours and much more
  • You can play a notification sound file to your customers whenever a number is changed
  • You get a less expensive display and simple-to-use queue management system

How it Works

Contrary to your expectations, Counterpoint is relatively easy to use.

  • You just design your PowerPoint slides with your messages and promotions. Typical messages for shops are name and logo, opening hours, like us on fb, promotions etc.
  • You can add a text box and declare it as a counter. This can be done on one slide or all slides.
  • You have the option to jump to that one slide with that counter, in case the counter value is incremented. When you use it on all slides, you can continue your slideshow with automatic and timed advancing.
  • Optionally you can also choose a sound file to be played when the number is changed.
  • You increase the counter with a click of your mouse. Left click is +1, right click pops up a form where you can correct the number if needed.

Every moment lost is a missed opportunity to move your business forward. Don’t take a chance when it comes to your company and your business.

Click to Purchase CounterPoint or Download the Free Trial software today.

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