Can we use our own PowerPoint templates to use them with DataPoint for linking?

Can we use PowerPoint templates as supplied by others as well?


Sure, DataPoint and all other PresentationPoint products use native and normal PowerPoint presentations. So this gives you the freedom to use templates or presentations that you already have or that you maybe downloaded from PowerPoint template libraries.

All of our PowerPoint add-ons are using a special and custom feature that allows us to add and write additional information to your presentations, slides and shapes. We are adding this information to a special location at the presentation.  It will not interfere with normal operations.  You can perfectly forward your ‘special’ presentation to others who are not using our software. They can perfectly continue to work on the presentation, or to make changes and send it back to you. While you have our add-on installed in your PowerPoint, you will receive that presentation back and you can continue to use the specific features that our add-on is providing. 

Also for DataPoint for example, we are using normal PowerPoint shapes like text boxes, pictures, tables etc. We use these normal PowerPoint shapes and link it with our DataPoint technology to various data sources like databases.  We are never using custom or non-PowerPoint shapes.  By doing this, we can guarantee that you can use and keep on using normal PowerPoint templates and presentations from any source.

So in short, yes, you can perfectly use any PowerPoint presentation or template, without any exception.

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