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Your First Steps
Start Microsoft PowerPoint and you will see a new option in your PowerPoint ribbon.
Click the CounterPoint option to open the ribbon.
Start a new presentation or open an existing presentation. Insert and select a new text box, and from the CounterPoint menu, check the first option to Use shape as counter.
The current counter value, 0 at this time, is copied dynamically to this text box. You can add more slides and place everywhere other counters.
You can specify the minimum and maximum value of your counter. When the current value exceeds the maximum value, then the minimum value is assigned.

Typical for counters like this in waiting areas is that they count from 0 to 99.

Click the Settings button of the Sound group. Check the Use notification sounds and optionally, browse for a new notification sound. Each time that the counter is incremented, this notification sound will play to get more attention.
The slide show will need to advance the slides automatically. Typically for this type of presentation, there is no presenter that will click to advance to the next slide. Therefor, set the slide to advance automatically after a certain number of seconds.

Click the Transitions option (1) of the Timing group, uncheck the option Advance Slide On Mouse Click, and check the After option and set the duration. Do this for all slides individually, or click the Apply To All option.

Click the Slide Show option (1) from the menu and click Set Up Slide Show (2). At the Show type, check the option Browsed at a kiosk (full screen) (3) to get it to play full screen and repeat the slides forever.
Start the PowerPoint slide show. Each mouse click will increment the counter (on each slide) in real time and play a notification sound. Use the mouse right click to decrement the counter. Use the middle mouse button to pop up a form where you can manually set the counter to another value.


Now you are ready to create your own waiting area slides or queue management system. Add more slides and more content to your presentation, or use our sample presentation. Good luck with your new waiting queue display system.

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