FREE TOOL! Make PowerPoint Pictures Bigger

When you export slides of your PowerPoint presentation to images then the default quality of those images are low (96 dpi). When you would upload those exported images for example to a website to create a photo album, then the application will definitely signal that the quality of the images is very poor. Probably the reason behind this is that Microsoft has chosen to create smaller images so that it can easily be used in email messages, where attachments cannot be too big.

If you want to control the size or quality of the exported images to get better and high-quality output, then there is a registry hack that you can execute as explained  here step by step. But those actions are a bit technical and not user-friendly.

For that reason we have created this free tool to let you choose your desired output quality by just clicking a button. Non-technical skills are required here. Enjoy!

With our tool you can choose to generate images with 50, 96 (default), 100, 150, 200, 250 or 300 (highest) dpi.

Tool to make your PowerPoint slide exports to pictures bigger

Make your picture exports bigger or smaller

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