Digital Signage Player

digital signage playerA digital signage player is software that manages your digital signage, controlling what gets shown, where and when.

Our industry-leading digital signage player, (iPoint)  is used by companies like Coca-Cola, NASA, The US Army and many others, yet is affordable for small organizations.

iPoint has the following features and benefits:

  • Play and schedule a wide range of formats, including images, videos. streaming video, tv signals, music,  audio and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • PowerPoint compatible so you can edit your digital signage in PowerPoint.
  • Control your entire digital signage network over the Internet from a single computer in your office
  • You can control timing and priority on ads (display young fashion ads when teens hit the mall after school – or preschedule holiday ads)
  • Choose which location to show specific ads (display different ads for different areas of a mall to work with stores in each area or show different ads in high income areas of the city)
  • Windows-based so it can be used with common computer systems and monitors instead of expensive custom hardware
  • Local distribution and playback – the local computer copies the files locally and plays them in the event of an Internet outage so you have no interruptions


digital signage player IpointDon’t get stuck with expensive proprietary hardware/software “packages” from expensive digital signage companies. Use our powerful Windows-based software and combine it with commonly available low powered computer equipment and monitors to create your own affordable solution. You can even turn your older computers you just replaced into digital signage players with our software.

Download a free trial of our digital signage player here.


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