Runs on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021 or Office 365 (Desktop Applications).


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Dynamic TIME Software

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Bring life to your presentations. Motivate people by adding timers and countdowns to your screens. At factories, we all see the ‘Number of days since the last accident’ to motivate workers to respect the safety instructions. At a shopping mall, we see screens with a countdown to the opening of a new shop. At our office, we countdown together with our colleagues to the launch of a new product.

All of this can be done with Dynamic Time in PowerPoint. Use a normal text box shape on your slide and set the target date. Set the date of the last accident to the counter. Or set the opening data of our new hotel.

Run the slide show and see the countdown or timer running and updating every second. Great to create suspense and curiosity!

A professionally designed template with multiple countdown and timer slides is included in this package. With PowerPoint you can, of course, also design your own slides yourself and easily add our timers and countdowns to any slide.

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