Affected products: DataPoint and Dynamic Weather

We regret to inform you that Yahoo has terminated the Weather API on January 3, 2019. They are asking us to switch to their new API and new authentication system. We are currently waiting for approval from Yahoo. Once that we are accepted, then we can start building and testing our new code and roll out an updated version of the products affected.

Note that users of DataPoint can switch and use an alternative weather provider.

You can still fill in a trouble ticket for this problem and we will notify you per trouble ticket once that we have an update on this issue. 

Thanks for your patience.

Jan 4 2019: See this announcement by Yahoo on December 31, 2018, that 4 days later, an important weather API is retired.

Jan 7 2019: We requested Yahoo to allow us using their new weather API. Request sent in via their official channel as instructed. 

Jan 18 2019: No answer from Yahoo. Total silence. We decided not to wait for Yahoo anymore. We have selected a new weather API and we are doing development for this one. For this new weather service, we will have 4 new and nice weather icon sets that we are adding:

  • a weather set with white weather type icons
  • a set with black icons
  • another set with colored icons
  • and finally a set with animated gifs

The weather slides with the new weather API and the animated gifs are really looking great. You will love it. Here are some samples.

new weather icon

Jan 25 2019: Good news. We have finished the first compilation and test version of Dynamic Weather with a brand new weather API, 4 new icon sets, and 7-day weather forecast. Do you want to participate and test it out? Let us know and you will get the test version.

Jan 25 2019: And the first version of DataPoint is ready too. Contact us for a pre-release.

Jan 28 2019: Now it is formal. Dynamic Weather and DataPoint will be released by the end of this week with a new weather provider to replace the non-functional Yahoo Weather API.

Jan 30 2019: New version of Dynamic Weather is released on our website: version 2.0.1. Dynamic Weather shows the current weather conditions, plus a 10-day forecast, and 4 new icons sets.

Jan 30 2019: For those that are curious about the communication by Yahoo: nothing heard yet.

Jan 30 2019: New version of DataPoint is released on our website: version 14.0.146/15.0.146/16.0.146. DataPoint shows the current weather conditions, plus a 10-day forecast, and 4 new icons sets.

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