The Future Is Here

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and thus it’s everyone’s favorite time of year. It has been a very wonderful year for the PowerPoint presentation industry.

So what’s going to happen in 2016? What is going to happen in the next 3-5 years to come? Have you ever stopped and wondered what the future of PowerPoint presentation will be like? Have you ever wondered what would happen in the next couple of years?

Here is my somewhat-educated prediction for the PowerPoint business in the near future: over the next several years, you will see that shop owners will place television screen for digital info and promotions. Yes we have a dream where all stores have television screens with presentations and videos about their business and goods.

At www,, we see a bright future ahead for the presentation industry. We see a future that doesn’t only need email, fax or even a website? A future where every store has a TV screen. A future where television screens are as important as websites.

At PresentationPoint, we bring the future to you!

We specialize in providing first-class Professional marketing programs and solutions for small and big businesses that want to cut costs and increase efficiency.

We care about the success of your business and your brand. Whether you’re an entrepreneur just getting started, or a mid-sized company looking to take your brand to the next level, our goal is to bring you serious results very fast.

We are confident that we can provide you with professional Business software services to help you boost your business, drive insane traffic to your business, dominate your competitors, increase your customer base, pull in more sales and skyrocket your profit.

Reasons for a Store TV

waiting queue slide 8As we all know, PowerPoint Presentations are getting extremely popular nowadays. That also makes them very important from the business perspective.

You might ask “Why do I need a Television in my store?”

The answer is simple: Gone are the days when television screens were used just to display the news or football for your customers. Television screens are now a Powerful Tool for advertisement and business promotion.

With a Television Screen, you can:

  • Display your company name and logo
  • Display opening hours
  • Display a counter
  • Display videos and play an MP3 for your customers
  • You can display the weather
  • Display closing and opening dates or holidays
  • Display promotions to eliminate stocks
  • Display your shop pricelists on a screen
  • Display information on more than one screen

Tools you Need to Succeed

At PresentationPoint, we have highly effective softwares and programs designed specifically to grow your business and make life easy for you. We offer services tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Our Softwares

  • pub opening hoursCounterPoint: Professional waiting queue management system for your waiting areas, post offices, help desks, shops, counters etc. With CounterPoint, you can display more than just two digits to your customers. You can display your company name and logo, opening hours, adverts, promotions, announcements.
  • Dynamic Wall: Dynamic Wall from PresentationPoint is an amazing system that utilizes a special video graphics card to project PowerPoint Output unto several professional screens. No additional software is required. Just PowerPoint which comes with your computer.
  • iPoint: it enables you create a playlist with multimedia files and assign it to a player, all controlled from your desktop over networks and internet connections. It enables advanced scheduling techniques and automatic distribution.
  • Others are: DataPoint, Dynamic Elements, MessagePoint, NewsPoint, OutlookPoint, PlanPoint etc.

Our Services

  • PowerPoint Design services
  • PowerPoint for Digital Signage
  • Digital Signage Software, Player, Training and Consulting.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint coding and animation etc.

We offer the following templates:

  • Weather Templates
  • Professional Digital Signage Template
  • Airport Flight information
  • Retail etc.

wide screen multiple monitors menu sandwiches

Here’s why people prefer our software to that of our competitors

hamburger7We create innovative, yet effective PowerPoint solutions to help your business run smoothly.
People prefer us because:

  • With our software, you get better and professional communication instead of hanging a paper with handwritten messages.
  • PowerPoint Presentations are ideal for any type of messaging
  • You can display A slide per message
  • You can also display on multiple screens
  • Our Programs are easy to use
  • With PresentationPoint software, you can schedule and auto start presentations, display live news and weather forecasts.

With our many years of experience, we promise prompt service at an affordable rate, we are tested and trusted, earned and maintain a truly good reputation, very effective and totally focused on your success and we maintain close relationship and good communication with our customers.

We pride ourselves with ultimate service delivery and always ensure that our customers are satisfied because your satisfaction is all we care for. We guarantee money back if you’re not satisfied in any form.

Remember we are always here to give you cheap and affordable PowerPoint software even when other PowerPoint software companies has failed.

Contact us now, we guarantee you money back if not satisfied with our service

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