Several years ago, our Property Advisory Committee, tired of the old way of doing things demanded something new for our Employee Announcements and Communications. We were all familiar with PowerPoint, but not excited about the work required to keep this kind of communication media up-to-date. Thankfully we stumbled upon PresentationPoint, and we couldn’t be happier about it!!!

Through the use of multiple PresentationPoint products (DataPoint, NewsPoint and iPoint), combined with a web-based CMS portal, our employee announcements and Communications has become almost completely automated. We have even begun to use some PresentationPoint products to extend signage services out to other areas of our operation traditionally served by higher cost alternatives.

In our operations, we have numerous compliance and security issues so we restrict internet access based on business needs. As more of our data sources move to the Cloud, NewsPoint has become the heart of our digital signage initiatives. NewsPoint allows us to aggregate data from both our public and private cloud services.

David Johnson, CHTP
Director, Information Technology
Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club

Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club

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